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Adidas New Running Shoes Cause Racial Stir

Credit: Adidas
Adidas New Sneakers Lock Your Kicks to Your Ankles Cause Racial Outrage

Adidas soon to be released sneakers are being compared ankle cuffs worn by black slaves in America

Adidas new sneakers featuring promotional "shackles" has caused tremendous out-roar and accusations of the company showing racial insensitivity, reports the Daily Mail.

The running shoes named JS Roundhouse Mids are scheduled for release in August. The Adidas JS Roundhouse Mids come with a bright, plastic, orange chain and ankle cuffs.

Adidas promotion released about this new line of sneaker was posted on Facebook earlier this month stated, "Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?"

It's easy to understand why so-many are taking offense to the shoe's design. "Shackles," wrote a professor in Your Black World. These are "The stuff that our ancestors wore for 400 years while experiencing the most horrific atrocities imaginable."

Adidas has yet to comment on the issues. The backlash to that experienced by Nike when the company released their "beer-themed" trainer; unofficially called "The Black and Tan." Irish Americans were furious as the product reminded them of the crackdown by "Black and Tan" forces in Ireland during the 1920s. Nike apologized on a site called apologize.slaves.html

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