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Miscues that Could Mess up One’s Personal Statement

by allisonharvard (writer), , June 18, 2012

Applicants should take note of the miscues when writing a personal statement and try avoiding them as much as they can, or seek personal statement help if they cannot.

The personal statement, also known as application essay or admission statement, is considered as the primary tool that a person seeking entry into a university or college in the United Kingdom should use. As a matter of fact, hundreds of thousands of applicants hurdle the application process and got to study their preferred courses at their chosen higher education institutions after submitting persuasive personal statements to the University and Colleges Admission Service or UCAS. Thus, applicants in the UK must write personal statements that are persuasive enough to cause admission tutors of universities and colleges to accept them as their students. However, many students commit some miscues that cost them to write unconvincing personal statements.

One of these miscues is that some applicants fail to choose the most suitable course for them. There are applicants who select higher education courses that do not suit their knowledge, skills and experiences. Some of them choose a certain course in a university or college without really discerning and understanding the field they wish to study. These higher education applicants just really do not know what it takes to succeed on the course. They are not really interested in the course, but on the benefits and advantages that could be acquired when they get the job. They fail to realize that the amount of interest that an applicant has over a certain course determines that amount of effort that he would exert to accomplish the course with success. As with any endeavour, interest is a prime catalyst for success.

Another personal statement miscue is that some applicants take for granted some activities organized by universities, colleges and UCAS, a non-profit organization in charge of handling the application process in the UK. Universities and colleges typically hold open days, during which an aspiring could meet with the school’s admission tutors and ask them what they want to see to in their personal statements. UCAS as well also holds higher education conventions from March to July for the same purpose. If an applicant takes note and heeds what the admission tutors divulged, he would have greater chances of writing a personal statement that is persuasive to the university.

These two miscues are the prime deterrents for applicants to write persuasive personal statements. Applicants should take note of these miscues and try avoiding them as much as they can, or seek personal statement help if they cannot.

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