Sunday, September 23, 2018


Have a problem need a solution? That's great when you know what is the problem.

Most people have no idea, what they are looking for in life. They move from one pillar to another. I found I would just go with the flow I wasn't achieving with this technique yet I was happy with life. It was when I started to take note of my problems in life I started to realise that money fixed most problems. What ever the idea it was the money that was needed to put the idea out in to the world.

What I have found that there are people with money that seem to like the gamble of putting their money to help entrepreneurs they are called angels. Investing Angels and with an idea we can always find the solution when the idea is so good. You have to realise that they have brains too. They have made their money and the thought that it was through someone investing in them that helped them at the time.

An idea, we have all ideas how we put them out and sell them is networking with like minded people to find your solution.

With some ideas, people will say I thought of that and it was a great success however you didn't take a step to try to put the idea out there. You sat on the idea and never put the first foot forward. Working as a team, we help you find the solutions from taking the idea putting it into a package that can be searching for an angel or just be more in a workable way that can be shown, manipulated to the product. You then wont be thinking you thought of that idea first. You will have moved the idea from a thought to a way of getting your idea out into the market place.

Without the support network many ideas never get out into the market place. Have a think, and then talk however without us doing the ACT then we never know.

ACT AND GROW RICH....Coming soon.

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