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The Jewish-American Tourism-Question

Dedicated to Jewish-American politicians and actors on Tour

Is it safe for American-Jews to travel abroad?--wherever and whenever we wish--that is the 2012 American-Question that has NOT yet been addressed by the Passport Bureau.....first I would like to give my Honor to The Ghostess of Hadassah--for my 'Crystal-Globe' and 'Gypsy-Deck' and 'Wooden-Letter-Board' have been far more informative and of service to me--than even a pile of Texts--when it pertains to Ascertaining the Future. Just last year Dutch Jews were given TWO options--'America' and 'Israel' for living-quarters. No longer is it safe to be 'outwardly' Jewish--is the preconception--at large--if by a Political Authority Dutch Jews are Left with TWO 'Cards'--joined as one would be AmerIsrael--then the indication being that Most of the World in the Geographical-Sense is no longer safe for Jews to call Home. Even in the most Evolved city of PARIS Jews hide under 'Metro' cultural garments--hoping to 'blend' with the Majority of French Society without being discovered as 'Jewish' and this is in the year 2012....over the last Two Years we can observe the frightening depopulation decrease of Jews in France--and the first instinct may be to condemn the Nations Leaders--when the Reality is--that a Politician is often nothing more than a Man on Strings--with Parties behind Parties--and Agendas behind Agendas--politicians are generally slapped on both Right and Left cheek--to either Go Along with agendas that go against our conscience--or Lose the Hope of Possibility of winning The Vote--why would The People in American History vote in a 'Politician' with an Anti-Semitic Genocidal Agenda?--as we did vote in Hitler--Even Jews being swayed by the Deception of methodically painted Masks--that answer leads to a Question of 'Eye-of-Insight' or 'Discernment'--it is Human Nature to fall for so-called:: 'First-Impressions'--be motivated by the Charm of Charisma--and once under our own Bias of Predilection--we choose not to question whether or not our Smooth-Rolling candidate with International-Sway and a Winning-Smile is telling US The Truth!--until after the Ballot has been cast--for better or worse. What does it Feel like to be a European-Jew in the Year of the Critical Question that every American Jew must ask himself--before purchasing that ticket to 'LYON' attending a Sabbath Service as a Guest of France--and not making it Safely out the Door without being jumped by a Gang with Hammers--hospitalized--and sent back to America?--in WHAT Condition?--TRAVEL is an Essential part of Jewish-Life in HOLLYWOOD--it is Central to the Life of a Star!--it is Central to the Career of the International Speaker or Businessman--and for a Jewish Professional American in 2012 what once was a 'Resort' has become an Inferno--The Jewish American Man attempts to Revisit his Favorite shops and theaters in France once run by his Friends in The International Jewish Community--only to see that the business have either been left vacant or abducted. For Darwinian reasons--if YOU were a Father running a shop--and Rocks were thrown through your windows with AntiSemitic slogans plastered over and vandalizing what once was your sign: ONE question would take Precedence in your Mind: what IF the next rock thrown Hits my Child?--for what does this Business mean to me any more--if every day I must worry about my Childrens Safety--will they or will they not make it home from school Ok?--will my Wife be able to go to the Kosher-Deli and make it home without being sexually assaulted or robbed or beaten on the streets?--While Jews all around the World even in the most 'Evolved' of Societies--are spending our days Undercover or Roaming for a Ticket OUT and into a 'Paradise' at last--some place?--where it is Safe to call Home--The American Government has done Nothing to send out a Word of Precaution to American-Jews on business or recreation Abroad--a Jew is a Jew no matter where the Jew may be traveling through--and for Americans who are Not abreast on how Jewish-Living has taken a drastic turn towards Quagmire--in some areas that may be considered Prime Travel Destinations--the Jolt of Reality may be Devastating--NO American Mother wants to take her 9 year old son to Europe for the First Time--only to have the popular street slogan in France: 'DIRTY JEW' drilled into his impressionable developing mind--and such Derogatory Verbal Assaults are an Every-Day reality for Jews in France--to such a Severe Degree--that the Majority of French Jews still holding on to their HomeLand--have become Immune to these kinds of Hate-Crimes--and does the American Family on tour--want our Children victimized in such an ugly manner on what should have been a 'Family Vacation' and a 'Celebration'--for this Question to be adequately responded to--it Requires a Mapping out of International Zones where it is Considered SAFE as opposed to where it is considered HIGH RISK for American Jews to Travel--it requires that this Information be made Known to Jewish-American families *prior to progressing with Travel-Abroad plans. It requires a USA governmental documentation--of all Jewish-Americans who go abroad on Business only to never return to America--It requires a Raising of Jewish-Consciousness in The American Media--so that lives are not lost over International Business Deals--because we failed to Inform the Jewish-American that he would be venturing outside of his 'Safe-Zone' if he progressed with his Business-Plan.

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