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Dear Judge, This Time I'll Do It Right! I Promise.

The Business of Child Abuse. I Promise, I'll never hurt my child again...

Dear Judge: This Time I'll do it right!

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Dear Judge,

Hey I know it wasn’t your fault for taking my kids away. That damn social worker lady what’s her name - she’s the real criminal.

What’s a little tweaking anyways? I'm a good parent, the kids love me don’t they? They tell me all the time. Just ask them.

And that first judge!

Who's that SOB to tell me that I need to be drug tested? The hell with dirty tests! It’s the damn system that destroyed my family. That judge is paid a big hunk of money to rip families apart. They took my kids for the money. But I know judge, that you're different from that other guy.

And that mother-of-all-fights we had last night. G-d was that a bitch of a fight or what! We were both messed up good I know...sorry? But hey, at least I gave as good as I got!

How come the county so uptight? The kids weren’t touched, so what’s the big deal? They were in their room. Damn neighbors snitchin to cops, I bet I know which ones too. Always so nosy, asking about the kids. Who the hell are they to offer to take care of them? Why can’t people just mind their own business! Lots of people do worse things to kids. They still have their kids. Not bleeping fair.

Why don't the cops go after the real criminals. You know the freaks that do those unspeakable things to their kids? We never did nothin like that. It was all lies. Why did they make my kids lie?

So what did those county nutheads say? The allegation was substantiated? Unsubstantiated? What's that about?

Their father should be getting out of the joint soon anyways. And yeah, he’s got to stay away but they can’t check that all the time, can they? Anyways, just like you said, he won't be around...

I love my kids, can’t you see that? Okay I shouldn’t have missed those visits. Especially the youngest ones birthday. Anyways she’s just 3 so she doesn’t really care. I'll make it up to her, I always do. Just ask her how much she loves me. She needs her mommy!

But maybe you can tell my why is my oldest so angry all the time? He shouldn't be taking stuff from the store. What are they paying that foster parent for anyways? You should check that out. They're doing a lousy job.

And who the hell is that so and so to say I can’t talk to my kids any time, day or night. They are my kids! She’s poisoning them against me! That’s why they’re so angry. They’d probably be back with me by now if that lady hadn’t been speaking smack to that lazy CSW. You should check her out.

The social worker never even returns my calls! Okay, it probably wasn’t too smart to yell at her those times, especially when I need my kids, I admit it, that wasn’t smart. But can’t they see how much the kids love me? How they cry when it’s time for me to leave the one hour weekly visit at McDonald's?

What’s the foster parent so mad about anyways, so I missed a few visits when I were supposed to be there – the kids ate real good didn’t they? They love McDonald's. I took them there almost every day when I still had money before losing that job for tweaking.

And yeah it was uncool to use before the baby was born. But I know better now. Next time I'm pregnant I'll do it right. They need their mommy. Especially the baby. She’s got all sorts of problems but I’ll take her to the best doctors. I still got the Medi-Cal card, I never lost it.

Doesn’t that prove something?

Anyways all that’s behind me. I'm barely using these days, not for a couple of days anyways. And I'm taking those parenting classes. Haven’t missed a single one and I have the papers to prove it.

That other judge said I'd get the kids back soon if I could just string together a few clean tests and my grandmother gets a bigger place. That’s what mom did when I was a kid. We all came home real fast when the county put us in a foster home. Why's it so different now?

Look, when my babies come home it will be different this time. We'll do it right. No more partying. No more tweaking. And we'll just be a happy family. I'll put them back in school, I swear, I'll be there for them you'll see...

Or not.

The Politics of Child Abuse

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