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What's In, What's Out

by Theblueswink (writer), Los Angeles, May 02, 2007

Spring 2007 in America:

Talent is in. Unspecialized skill is out.
Success is in. Non-functionality is out.
Normalness is in. Weirdness is out.
Categorizability is in. Undefined uniqueness is out.
Predictablity is in. Wildness is out.
Sanity is in. Tortured psyches are out.
Middle-of-the-road is in. Radicalism is out.
Digestible creativity is in. Disturbing creativity is out.
Voting is in. Corruption is out.
Popularity is in. Outcasts are out.
Cool sweetness is in. Mean arrogance is out.
Civility is in. Brashness is out.
Honesty is in. Lying is out.
Accountability is in. Blind trust is out.
Environmental concern is in. Indulgent waste is out.
Political concern is in. Blissful ignorance is out.

Beauty is in, especially:
A natural healthy look that is easefully trim and unflawed
Bobbleheaded jaw-neck structure
Softened cheek bones that line up with the other facial features
A medium-sized nose that blends in
Foreheads which are neither too big nor too small
Medium length hair that is shinny and healthy looking
Men whose height is between 5'11" and 6'2"
Women whose height is between 5'6" and 5'9"
Square shoulders and somewhat narrow hips for both men and women (though women's shoulders should be relatively less wide and their hips and butt rounder)
A well-groomed appearance
A clear luscious complexion

Classic understated well-fitting attire is in for both men and women, including:
Faded dark blue moderately low-rise straight-legged jeans that fit
Unique t-shirts and sweatshirts that fit and don't make a statement
Black or gray moderately low-rise straight-legged slacks
Black or gray sport coats and trench coats
Basic dress shirts which are neither too small nor too big
Dresses which are neither too short nor too long, too tight nor too loose, too revealing nor too conservative
Classically styled impeccably tailored formal wear when the occasion calls for it

The golden geometric mean is in

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By Theblueswink on May 04, 2007 at 04:36 pm
The original version of this article had two columns of in and out, which read a bit lighter in that the words in and out were not repeated like they are in this published version. (the columned version was not accepted because of how it would display in the small format used for articles on the headline pages)
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