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Ego does it make a business or destroy

What happens when you get an idea? How you utilise the idea? Or whether you think the idea won't work?

Business is something we all strive for, well some just talk, others think however to act. This Act is the most important part where people can move their lives. I have been sitting back observing people for many years. I would think it was strange when you work with someone have an idea put it forward and the person did nothing with it.

Have you been in the work environment where the idea just sat there and you knew it was great. How to move and push the boundaries what was the reason that this great idea just sat on the coffee table or the rubbish bin.

Well, when I started within some businesses I could see where they were missing out on dollars. For some it was fine tuning a process within a warehouse that actually produced more equipment, was more precise, the costs went down within the process because the people on the floor thought it was a great idea. Not fully aware that this curbing of time actually if the sales didn't happen would push one of this team out of a position.

It wasn't just the struggle to change a work environment to be more efficient. However by making it more efficient I actually had created another problem sales had to go up. A marketing programe was also needed. Ringing around explaining that we were able to make more, just for a short while and could you place your orders.

This worked, well it worked, and worked. The process had speed the making up. It was easier for all even the repair man later on in years when I caught up with them some ten years later. How I had pushed for this system to go ahead. I could see it yet the business owners of the company could not see the system had faults. They could not see that the faults were costing them money. What they were suffering from was confidence within someone else with their own design.

I was just working with this company as a secretary/bookkeeper. It was a small company however we were making electrical boxes for machinery and pumps well anything where electricity is needed and you have a circuit board we could manipulate it.

The boxes I was noting were fire systems. Knowing that every building where more than one person lives normally had some way of utilising this system they had a float switch, up and down. So lifts were one use. We were an Australian Company at the time leaders in the field how could you make it better.

More efficient, it was watching the system how it went together over a couple of days I knew straight away that this system needed work. As the first meeting the ways to manipulate the system I noted I had not ability to understand it. I wasn't an electrician yet I knew if the system was manipulated the system was far more efficient at different stages.

How to push the point across to someone was difficult when they weren't listening to begin with. I had problems and I had only just started. It was playing at the back of my mind. I had been instrumental before within business's to stream line ways and means to be more efficient how to do this when they thought I was just a secretary.

I would study the system, making little notes within a short while I had my thoughts on to paper and put the idea across to the management. It was just an idea however I knew it would work. It was just so easy. I have found in the past that the easy way's seem to work. Yet this idea was on the desk, then on the back cupboard lost. Why hadn't these bosses seen my way of thinking. It was ego!

Now in business ego can kill you. You can utilise your ego for the wrong thing. These bosses's weren't looking at the business structure as improving they were only moving forward. Ego is what many people within an existing business have to control. Even when your the best, you still have to keep your eyes out looking ahead for changes that make an impact to your bottom dollar. How I got past the ego? Ill talk about next.

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By avarofurbin on June 22, 2012 at 02:11 am

I agree.Ego is the negative quality that suppresses all the positive qualities in us. Many people succeed in life, by getting money and fame but they could not maintain relationship with others, due to their ego.

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