Saturday, December 15, 2018

Business duo, how to do it

Ever thought you'd have a partner in business? I did, I have tried many. All have had a problem we weren't working on the same goal. The secret, well how to do it?

I was looking for a testing ground. Where to prove, that people would be able to see how my techniques worked. I was looking maybe at putting a film together. I would talk to people about the film idea what they thought. How to move within the team without treading on toes. Then I thought I was in the wrong example. I had fallen inside the biggest gang without knowing. We were putting the finishing edges to Act and Grow Rich. It was coming together nicely. We were putting our heads together to have the ability to explain the simple rules that many people in the past I believe had not told before.

Bonding we were putting our theories together in the environment that would be the hardest industry of all we had heard. Yet we were setting an example we thought, a tourist centre for Sydney. Instead we uncovered where most people would not dare to go. With out theory of working on going forward and putting together what is behind us we would never discover the real reason why this business had been closed for so long.

I needed a movie set, with lovely ladies. It was a business strategy to be able to put how a positive work environment works. It didn't matter who we had to work with. Well, it was prostitutes, the work environment was prostitutes and for many people within the business world would have shone away.

Except we would be able to get the point across that the theory worked it didn't matter who we were taking from the gutter to an awesome entrepreneur. For most people they start out to be entrepreneur maybe from school, that is someone you normally would get. However I was after the people that never think they can ever become a millionaire. We were dropping ourself in the middle of Kings Cross Sydney Australia. Picking up some people along the way, to see if we can make their life a little better whilst getting our friendship working for business and pleasure.

When you start off with a business partner, you sometimes never think that you have anything else in common. We were getting to know each other. It was for us, like a bootcamp. We were thrown in the mix with heaps of strangers with every question imaginable plus the one that they didn't know we were turning their life around.

For some at this level in the gutter so to speak, you could have your failure rate however we were looking at pushing the self esteem and self confidence seeing if when you cared about someone they would care back. For many of the people we came together with they never knew what we were about. The most they would notice is that we had fun.

They liked the fun and stayed. We were only utilising this as a pilot to go on to bigger and better things except we uncovered some amazing facts and figures where this suburb is owned by the gang. Most people would never know from the outsider yet for an entrepreneur even the research never showed this up.

Join not the Awesome Entrepreneurs, showing their secrets in Act and Grow Rich. We have put together some interesting lines for a yet to happen movie or television series. So we are still working and enjoying the challenges. We do need to get a program together that is enjoyable as well as workable. To see this we have had our own friendship pushed and pulled we are not just business partners we have become a team driven with the same aim in mind.

Lock and load I say, well we will be firing soon, you will be the first to know.

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