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Brainstorming, breaks down the barriers

What ever the idea, have a look at it with an open mind. If not you have a ego disease? Highly contagious.

When you have a team working under a business umbrella it doesn't matter who puts the ideas forward for the business it is normally a good idea to listen. How many staff meetings do you ask that the staff bring an idea to the meeting. Even encourage ideas. Well in most of the companies I have worked at this hasn't happened. Yet I still would have ideas and willing to show them that they were great ideas.

I would sit sometimes making sketches, or just watching, even doing time and motion study in a way to work out if the idea I had would work. For most companies it is like hitting the black hard wall. No one was really putting the ideas forward. Everyone was raking in the money not noticing that the money was going down. I had been in this prediciment before. Many bookkeepers or personal assistants see more about the company than many other people within the business.

We ask questions, we see where costs can be put together and simiplied. Yet when you have staff that sit around for years without having a brain storming session, what you have created is a wall of silence. No self esteem within the business framework.

Many staff love the thought of bringing a positive to the table. Ego, that's the black wall of silence. Where the company is not working as a team.

Team work is in all facets of a business, from the marketing, to the ways of producing. It doesn't matter whether it is the cleaner all ideas need to be thrown around sometimes to break down the barriers between management.

Some of your staff will have ideas that are just sitting working on them. They may not even notice themselves. Until you actually ask for the answer. Most people don't realise that the thought they have could be solution. Without throwing it out to the universe the information is not looked at in a logical way. It is very important for most companies when they have staff to ask them if they have any ideas. This is a good business decision even if you utilise none. You may find by asking will promote self confidence and self esteem in the workplace thereby building a company with much inner pride.

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By dchaitanya on June 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Very well presented. The persons whose minds are obsessed with 'selective perception' will have nothing but ego. Such people when occupying the 'boss' position, they will certainly backstabbed by the subordinates one day.

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