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The myth of job creation

by Ravo (writer), Sandy, Utah, June 09, 2012

I want to clear the air about some major political BS being foisted off on the world-wide population by nervous politicians: That is the idea that they are economic magicians or saviors.

The statement, “I created 'x' number of jobs”, or the more arrogant statement, “My extensive business experience makes me better suited to manage the economy and get everyone back to work” are complete crocks of crap. With five months to go before the U.S. Presidential election, it is important to detect all of the lies and distortions that issue from the mouths of candidates for high office, with a view toward electing the least dishonest of them.

The fact is, no one creates jobs, although a single person in high office can destroy them.

Jobs are created as a result of economic demand for products and services by the electorate. If people have money to spend, they are likely to spend it on things that they need first, and things that they want second. If they don’t have money, they can’t buy anything.

Consider this scenario: A government rep walked into a small business operation, and says to the owner,” We want to stimulate your business with this free money, but it must be spent on hiring more help, or expanding the market for your product.” So, the business owner takes the cash (paper money which is simply an I.O.U from the government), goes out and hires a few new people and dreams up things for them to do, and also increases advertising or adds new bells and whistles to the product to make it more attractive.

Unfortunately, people outside of the shop that are holding up signs that say, “Will work for food”, or are gathered in the park to protest the rich and famous while living on handouts or with their parents, aren’t going to spend anything with the freshly-funded small business. They can’t because they have no money. Soon the government supplied money runs out and the business owner is forced to lay off the new workers and is right back where he/she started. This is the reality of supply/demand economics.

It takes years and years of blood, sweat, and tears and a lot of luck to grow an economy through increased consumption, but guess what? The world is now running out of consumable resources, and consumer-based economies are guaranteed to continue shrinking no matter what politicians and governments do. And in this scenario, a growing population is the worst thing you can have. It is pouring gasoline on the flames.

So think about this as you hear the hype and propaganda. The world must shrink the population down to where there are more resources than consumers of those resources in order to grow jobs and standards of living around the world. Pick the politician that has the guts to explain the true dismal state of things, and who can offer some useful plans to get us out of the quagmire. I would offer that the first sensible plan will include remediating our environment. Even animals don’t deficate where they eat...........

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