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Awesome Entrepreneurs are smashing sales

Credit: Alex Petrovic
From Gutter to become an Awesome Entrepreneur

Are we all on the band wagon, how to get rich. Isn't it been pushed around. However if you knew we can bring anyone to become an elite salesman from the gutter to the boardroom.... Learn more

Smashing sales, it is not just about having a high standard for yourself. The real challenge comes when you set a target and can make it. Targets are important where we work towards. It is just not an idea it is where you want to get too. You may have a target in a week, month and then a year.

Have you looked back and seen that the last year have you set a target? Have you made it? Nearly 90% of people will set a target everyday only 1 % achieve and over achieves a target. There is a huge difference between whether you can smash sales and be a 1% in the business world.

I started with a slogan Smashing sales, that's what I did. I would smash my own sales constantly. I had bench marks for weekends, I knew the more I put in the more I would get out. How to know where and how to do it.

It is not just the body language, knowing when you have met someone that you would want to have them working or being a business partner. I have been looking for many years someone that would stand out beside me to bring the concepts to the wider community that I know works.

I needed someone that had been there and done that. Was willing to be apart of my dream, to teach people how to be a 1% elite salesman. Yet to become this elite salesman I have done numerous courses. Throwing out all the rubbish within each course to come up with the real secrets.

Then I was still looking for someone to help me. It was going to be someone after my own passion. The first thing I noticed I had spent years looking for a MAN partner. I noticed a woman that had passion and secrets of her own. What ever she touched turned to gold too. Yet it was a different system.

I was looking for someone to share the platform with teaching people to become entrepreneurs that would be noticed around the world. It was a theory packed course and when you implemented this course it had brought many people who would follow the strategies wealth.

I never told this woman I had noticed, she was similar age and keen to work where she had a passion. Thou her ways were so different to mine and how we gained results were different yet we were still up there in our results. I found that this woman was bright, I had some fun and after reading one of her books I decided that we could maybe join to be the Awesome Entrepreneurs for Act and Grow Rich.

An idea that this lady had to think about. Amazing, she had her own offers and successes to go into a partnership was something she never thought about. Keen to learn and to show people new ideas was one thing. Brainstorming was her mindset and her forte. Not just pushing the boundaries a trendsetter, out there some would say.

We could keep you guessing, yes she is another writer for Broowaha, Jennifer Stone. We joined up about 3 years ago to work on putting a program together how to teach and spur business and up and coming Entrepreneurs to be outstanding.

For both of us, work commitments were in the way. Jennifer writes Crimethrillers it was just a spur of the moment thing for her, however many books later she is nearly at the end of the Kings Cross Sting and we have been working on our books to put the finishing courses to our program.

For many woman today they are the good woman behind the man. I had to check that this lady was one of the elite 1% or higher otherwise this team wouldn't work. I was only bringing the best team. Not just any team that had one idea, we were going to keep learning studying and working on this. We were both having our midlife crisis. Retirement was boring.

Working with Jennifer I have noticed that many women are not listened too, take there ideas put a man pushing the same point and the road is a hell of a lot easier. This was a challenge, I could see sometimes Jennifer's frustration she wasn't just any lady people called her "that lady".

I listened not just to Jennifer's ideas, we have been working together I would say fantastic. Fun is both our main aim with a wish list together that we both want to strive to have amazing awesome entrepreneurs learning and manipulating our ways of doing business.

So watch out for the up and coming release of Act and Grow Rich, we are the Perfect Partners to join your team....

We strive to make anyone from even the gutter where some people are now to an elite 1% entrepreneur.

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