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Have you got what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

Entrepreneur, do you really want to be an entrepreneur or a millionaire. How to do the money dance to rake the money in by the truck load? Interested? Of course.

What it takes, to move the chains that have held you back. have you thought you were burdened with chains.

Well all I wanted in the beginning was the money. I wanted large amounts of money. I enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous yet how was I going to do that.

I had been unemployed for years. I was happy, living a beach bum existence. No one told me to get a job, earn some cash and your own lifestyle is then amazing. I sampled it, on a trial for a while. It wasn't for me, I was working for someone, it was the rules. It wasn't the job so much as the team spirit. The gym was a good hideout, and the people I enjoyed what I was doing.

I had chains, huge ones. I was in the comfort zone. Well some would say danger zone. I had worked, I would save a little than the beach bum would come out in me. Going to the beach, gym, and maybe a dinner out once in a while time was my own. I actually owned something it was TIME.

Hair was long, it was my image however no would give me a job like this. I wasn't the right type. Well a hair cut, a change of attitude as I decided not only did I need a job I wanted to be a millionaire. Why not? It was worth the lifestyle.

I was eager to learn. I walked out of the hairdresser with people thinking differently about me. I could see it how people were looking at me. It was changed. Amazing just a haircut the man was still the same. Well I had a girlfriend she was pushing for me to go out and earn some money. See ladies have wants, well I always worked for my needs that must be the difference between a man and a female.

We work to please the better half, well I had chains and huge ones. The breaker was the fact we really thought we would settle down. Not just a life, we both wanted a lifestyle of the rich and famous. Why not? Aim for the sky they say.

Well I felt halfway there, haircut a suit I picked up on the way home and the paper. I was looking for a job. I had word out on the street that I felt I could sell. Well I had been able to sell in the past. No one knew how good except for me.

I would watch people, how they made their millions for some on the internet others I would eventually work along side. Many sales teams I have been a part of. All within a couple of days a leader. It wasn't anything I was doing differently yet my language and body language I knew I could do it. I was confident. Well, I wasn't meant to go to the beach today I had to sell by the Mrs. Most people wouldn't think I had broken the chains. In fact I had started to enjoy the lifestyle myself. If I could sell and make a couple of hundred in a day, soon thousands in a week. I would be learning all the tricks along the way.

I was setting up my own rules well guidelines. I only work to guidelines. That was the problem, I was working on items that many people couldn't sell it was the marketing techniques. It was looking for the solution. If you have the solution you can be a millionaire.

Yet if you wanted to be a millionaire within a couple of months most people wouldn't believe it was possible. It was just the way I was extreme. If it had to be done, well I could do it. I knew I only had to find the solution.

Many people today have the chains that hold them back, lack of confidence yet if you don't have any guidelines then your lost.

I am putting the guidelines together, very simple. Anyone can follow, these steps to get achievements not just in wealth however in the richness in life you all deserve.

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