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Top 9 reasons why people like lists

by Joseph Gavin (writer), County Fermanagh, Ireland, June 07, 2012

You know you like them, now you know why

1. People are Stupid. Stupid like a fox. Controversial, I know. People, and yes this is a horrendous generalisation, like tough, complicated things to be condensed into a numbered format, or at to be least bullet-pointed. A paragraph of over ten lines constitutes 'serious reading' and has been known to kill.

2. People are systematic in their approach to absorbing particular information and processing it in their respective crania. Therefore, bullshitty sentences like the previous one will be forgotten completely but this sentence will survive the memory cull for slightly longer because it included the word 'bullshitty'. A list cuts out the bullshit, leaving nice bite-sized absorbable memory chunks.

3. Lists are easier to write.

4. It takes so much less time to read a list, for instance compare point 3 with my previous post (which I now urge you to read). The list format allows It to make a clear point in no time at all.

5. The writer can repeat themselves without anyone noticing, not to mention the general ease at which a list can be written.

6. Lists can include the title 'Top Ten' or similar, people like count downs in all their forms. Whether it be admiring Rachel Riley's R's or pretending to be an astronaut.

7. Non-relevant information can be included and still seem to be important. Did you know that the Irish word for list is 'liosta', pronounced 'lista'.

8. A non-article can be really really really really really effectively drawn out.

9. People like things in sets of tens.

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By Felicia Stevenson on August 23, 2012 at 06:57 pm

Cute. A little silly is good sometimes!

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