Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mitt Romney, Resistant Ghonorhea, Alien Mind Probe

Proof? What is proof, exactly? If you no longer trust science, maybe proof is actually anti-proof. Who knows?

Now, I cannot definitively prove, or disprove, that Mitt Romney isn't a secret unicorn using an alien mind probe acquired by Bain Capital in a hostile takeover that infects it's targets with resistant strains of gonorrhea. And that is precisely the problem, as the birthers have so well educated us on. One can have a suspicion, based on suggestions planted by various right/left conspiracies, that seem, well, probably on their face, but later prove to be, well, hard to prove. And when enough of that science stuff is finally discounted as biased against certain righter-way thinking, well, proof just gets more slippery, right?

I suppose if we repeatedly link alien mind probes, resistant gonorrhea, and Mitt Romney, eventually, someone will demand proof. Of something... Or, maybe not. Maybe the alien mind probe, given enough press spin, will turn into chupacabra sex videos on Mars, but that one will be less hard to disprove - everyone already knows the space program is a CIA mind wipe experiment, right? So, no Mars. That still leaves us with Mitt Romney, chupacabra sex videos, resistant gonorrhea, and alien mind probes. Or was that anal probes? Naw, that isn't allowed under the Mormon tenets. So just Mitt Romney, Gonorrhea, mindless aliens, chupacabra sex videos, and Al Rocker. I think.

I think Al might be able to offer a pretty good excuse, though. Just sayin'. But he'd better have a better story than the unicorn, is all I'm really sayin'.

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