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Dichotomy of a Tic

Two views of people who use you...........

There are people in life, wandering around my perimeters. They are parasites, drawing from me like a tic. Working my way through the jungles of the game, they latch on. Suckers, filling themselves with my blood. I let some hang on, knowing they are there, keeping an eye on them; I'm in control. The tic is bold, so consumed with satiating its desire, knowing not that its life is in my hands, nor does it care. One day, I will have enough and will squash the tic, making a blood stain on my leg, smiling with gratification of my exercise of power over it. It's funny to watch little creatures plying their wares, I feel compassion on their limited life span, on the narrowness of their existence. Strange how I play with them, others are scared, I however, am intrigued. Prying for weakness as I watch them grow fat with complacency, I smile to myself. In the end, the game will only be played out again, so I entertain myself with my current companions, a symbiosis of sort, the tug and pull of the game sharpening my senses.

I look at the game in another way. Being gifted and talented on many levels, I will draw success in a variety of forms. This abundance is meant not only for me, but for those around me that need help. I am a stream of cool water, those who are thirsty need only dip their hands in and draw from my bounty to satisfy themselves. I will be filled again, not by them, but by the hand of my God, who is my source and fountain. It is my purpose to be filled and emptied in the service of others, to humble myself and provide for their needs, no matter how shallow or misdirected their desires are. Hunger is hunger, thirst is thirst. God causes the rain to fall on the just and unjust. Perhaps in satisfying their errant desires they will soon grow tired and turn to my source. This inspires my compassion. If not for twists of fate and circumstance, I would be the tic. Respecting this fact inspires me to continue to give and provide, not with reluctance, but with satisfaction, knowing that, if not for God, I would be the sucker.

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