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Business mindset within the head office excels business

Credit: Alex Petrovic
How to be a top gun in the business world

Many people have offices where the staff feel like friends, you are working on projects together. It's a great feeling when you are accomplishing things. What's the secret?

Business, working 24/7 who really needs that. Where is the fun, well you don't mean to work all the time. Then the work load increases you have people to do the work however you know this work needs your attention. How to solve problems in business is to take notice of the pulse within the office, your warehouse or your team.

Listen to your employees, knowing that their mental attitude is the front for your business. How many bosses are too busy to listen, thinking that the problem will go away. Or is a problem that no one finds until too late. How to put the mechanism in to watch, yet for most companies they don't notice what is happening they are too busy working in the fishbowl rather than sitting back observing the fishes to see where improvements if any can be made.

How many offices have staff sitting around, wondering what to do. Then the boss walks past? The work is moved a little then nothing. A rut, well if the boss never comments how does the worker improve, with self-esteem and self-confidence. How does that happen, with the nice remarks. When you walk to your personal assistant today. Make a comment, like it's been a hard day, looking forward to the coffee. Would you like one? It's not hard for the boss to come down to be human to the employee. Do not make the mistake that any employee thinks they know it all. This will hurt your business. The work has to be able to be done by many people or manuals created as to how to do the work. Very important for any business.

These manuals are great when the worker away, sick or gone home for the night to see where the work has been done and how. You need the private eye detective. I had the Private eye, I was working on a project. I advertised for an office manager. The workload huge however I was loving the work. What a challenge. I couldn't do it all by myself. So my personal assistant wasn't very well....doing a good job. I had an advertisement in. Protoccol, I decided I needed another office set up in town.

I needed a personal assistant that would work without being watched. I had numerous hours of work, yet no one could notice the piles of work on my desk. Yes, they all put the work on my desk. I needed fun, I interviewed one person, that's all I needed. The rest well I played a game, ring back at 11am, then 1pm, then 3pm. At 3pm they were given the address no time for the appointment. Just ring back at 5pm I'm really busy. Well one person came to the office, realising that there was work, I was busy.

Just a cup of coffee and we were a great team I thought. Well, I have had her around for 3 years now. Getting use to her and her to me. It is hard to work on goals within business and be out and about all the time. A quick coffee, even a light meal we catch up, have a laugh and we get back to business. Yes what I found was fun, very important in the work environment.

A friendship that is very special not just to my business, however to my own peace of mind. Having someone that works, thinks and breathes for the business like I do. A personal assistant that mind reads nearly your own actions. How to train one to be perfect. Remember there is no such thing, yet I have the right solution. Find out the secrets........

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