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Personality Disorder or Human Emotion?

by Maylin Gonzalez (writer), , June 05, 2012

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Crazy or Sane?

Are you in tune with your personalities? Tell me more!

I have always been someone who analyzes everything, the smallest details never escape my thoughts and i always thought that t was my BIGGEST flaw. Come to think of it, i thought it was something close to my DOOM – perhaps that it would even be my ultimate undoing. Boy was i wrong! I admit, the things i think of and the solutions i bestow upon myself and others, are a bit out there. Needless to say… I’m not normal! As a matter of fact, shit… I am insane!!!

Now i can hear my closest friends/relatives/followers agreeing with me – and i like it. Never really intended to be different nor to think so morbidly awkward, but i do. Don’t get me wrong, i look pretty average, Miami-girl – but no – In reality I’m more along the lines of an Abby meets Kenzi but with a Lucy Lawless preppy twist… minus all the goth black and outrageous clothing - but mind wise… head on!

This brings me to something which I have contemplated recently… Would it make you bipolar if you have multiple personalities?

Evidently, we all have more than one personalities, and no, its not a bad thing at all. Yet in some cases, having multiple personalities is immoral and psychotic within human nature and science. [ Of course, if one of your personalities has kidnapped you and the other one is trying to kill you - seek help immediately! Heck, stop reading and call 911 NOW! ] But in general, a mild multiple personality disorder is rather in tune with how we all are. Hoe we REALLY are!

For example, say you are in a long term relationship and you get dumped. Your first emotional response will be anger, pain and emptiness. A minute passes by and you are told that you receive a promotion at work. Your next emotional response will be joyful and excited. Two minutes pass by and a relative dies; so you become severely upset and more pain kicks in.

What would we call that? Psychosis? Emotion?
What would we call the process in which we change emotions? Regulations of Emotion?
What is the difference between having a range of ever-changing, unvoluntary emotions which change your behavior and having an ‘alter’ personality that controls behavior? Bipolarity?

In reality, there is no defined difference. We are driven by our feelings, and therefore; we are moved like marionettes on a string when it comes to our actions. Whether you call it Bipolarity or Multiple Personalities, we all have more than one Personality Disorder within us and human emotion is the basis of all our actions.

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2 comments on Personality Disorder or Human Emotion?

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By TonyBerkman on June 06, 2012 at 04:29 am

i heard once that the "label becomes the experience." calling someone a "name" or giving them a "label" often it seems causes more harm than good.

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By Angie Alaniz on July 18, 2012 at 12:25 am

Only if you let it

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