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STOP SMOKING is all in the mind, in your subconscious mind.

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Stop Smoking, become a non smoker

Can you stop smoking? Have you wanted too? Day 2 Stop smoking just a thought for you to ponder

Day two.

What an achievement you have done. You have completed Day one as smoke free, you are a NON Smoker. If not, you will have to start again until the day you have had NO cigarettes within 24 hours. To be a non smoker, is possible. The worst is over, you will be able to see yourself a non smoker as you have just completed the first 24 hours. You may have taken a few walks and noticed that the walk will push the urge out of your mind. You could’ve been utilising the breathing techniques, remember this is the manual. We have other books within the series TAKe CoNTRoL that will go through the various types of techniques. These will talk you through the decision to be a non smoker. However if you have found it hard then just go to one of our books and you will find many techniques that will allow you to be a non smoker.

Your health will have improved as you will be smoke free and your body will start the process of repairing all the years’ damage from the cigarettes. Today, like any other day you will have to watch out for the triggers and realise that the triggers are really not you in control and since we have survived one day without cigarettes you will be feeling pretty proud as you have taken the control and you have realised that cigarettes are not in your life, as you are now a non smoker.

Your commitment will have to be pledged on day two, I am a non smoker, yes how does that feel you have survived 24 hours as a non smoker. Yes you can do it, it isn’t hard it is achievable and wow you gain all the benefits of your new found life and health.

The ability to be in control of your own life, to do what you like and not what your mind tells you it needs. You have started training your subconscious mind to Automap you to become a non smoker for life. Your images of yourself in your mind’s eye as a non smoker will keep being added to the filing system within your mind. You will have worked out today, that the deep breathing technique each time a cigarette urge is happening and a brisk walk will help you, the ability to tell yourself I am in control. I have taken control. I TAKe CoNTRoL.

Yes, I am a non smoker. Deep breathe, releasing the air and slowly blowing it out. You will have pushed through the worst urges and the rest thou it isn’t impossible is so much easier than yesterday. With each day it will get easier and easier. For some of you it will be possible today to have very few urges and for the heavily addicted smoker the urges will continue may not be as intense as yesterday however you will find a few that will push you to the limit. So TAKe CoNTRoL and deep breathe, hold and slowly releasing. Tell yourself I am a non smoker and proud of it. Yes you will be proud, as for you it has been a massive change in your life, for the better. Visualise yourself as a non smoker, you have started taking photo’s with your subconscious mind’s camera. We file every image away, carefully we can focus on being a non smoker. The longer you are a non smoker the more and more images that will continue to come to your mind’s eye. Just a blink of the eyelid and your mind can travel to find a image of you being a non smoker.

Reinforcing the effects of the last couple of days. You are winning the battle with the cigarettes. Some of you will think this won’t change your life, well really for all of you when you can reach for a goal and grabbed it with your two hands as you will be smoke free and learning that this has been not just a bad habit. You have had a habit out of control for too long. So don’t allow yourself to give in, I do know it is tough however when we can focus on ourselves for just a minute we realise why we are giving up one of the most addicted drugs in the world, nicotine.

When you break down all the chemicals within one cigarette we realise that 4000 chemicals in one stick is terrible and you have decided not to punish your body any more. As by each cigarette you don’t take you will be living a healthier life.

You may have found out if you change a cup of coffee for a different drink or a drink where you take the top off to occupy your hands it will be easier. Some things you will find if you don’t have the glass of wine you will not smoke this will only be for a day or two. It could be your own conscious when you think well the glass of wine has gone, the cigarettes have gone, wow…….I have a healthy start that I haven’t given my body a chance before, this is a good time to give myself a health check and start to be health, act healthy and learn to be a Non smoker.

We are all born non smokers, when you think back. It could be just a silly thing like peer pressure why you took up the cigarettes in the first place. When we start to realise that we were going along with the majority, or taking notice of misleading advertising, following the sheep you have been. Now you are awake and thinking. We will gain more control and the ability to have more control over our own actions. Our own actions are trainable; we can gain more control when we are strong and feeling fantastic.

So we will start today, thinking I am fantastic, it is fantastic to be a non smoker and I have completed day one.

Day two, starts with some deep breathing, slowing your heart beat to just a quiet time to reflect that we are committed to be a non smoker from today forward. I have been a non smoker in my past and yesterday was a great achievement.

You can feel proud, you have done the hard yards. Today maybe hard if you don’t TAKe CoNTRoL. It is your ability to be tough, strong and committed. The life saving changes you will start to experience today will be the start of your body repairing the damage from the years of smoking. You will have to think about your health and the food that you feed your body as this food needs to be good to help your body repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Vitamin C, B group and D are important, a little time in the sun will improve your health. Suncream, hat and the great outdoors will allow clean fresh air to fill your lungs. The first time for a while.

Magnesium will help if you have the shakes, the gitters however you will find that a healthy diet will aid your body to repair the damage and will help you gain control as your body is healthier and feeling fantastic. You will have less and less urges for the nicotine. Every day, the more you don’t make a big thing out of stopping, the more you praise yourself for being a non smoker. The easier it will be.

You have completed one day, so the next and the next will start to be normal. However this addiction may have happened so quickly it is the time to change a habit. ThaT’s RighT, smoking is an addiction it is the same addicting qualities from all types of drugs that drag you and who ever down the drain. So when you start to TAKe CoNTRoL you see not only the road you took was so down hill, you can see others doing the same things.

So please tell your friends that yes, I am a non smoker from today. I am trying very hard to stay a non smoker. So if you could not smoke near me that would be great. If you think you want to give up your addiction to nicotine, just put your head together and ask yourself a question What has the nicotine done good for YOU? Guess what, you will have the same answer as I had, Nothing. I was wasting my life by going along with the addiction. To lose the addiction is not to light another cigarette however it is the real part of changing a bad habit from smoking to being a human being in charge of your own life.

When was it the last time that you didn’t carry a lighter or packet of cigarettes?

When you don’t carry them, do you panic?

Well panic is putting a not in control sign up in your life. By stopping the bad habits one at a time you will see not only were you not in control you will start to see other parts within your life that you could change because you are not in control.

Some people will lose the cigarette and take up the chocolate well, if you want to feel good just say some of the fantastic words like love, beautiful, that is so good. You will feel good as your body releases the hormones just like eating chocolate. So if you can tell someone that your having a great day today, you will improve your life and the person you say it too.

Deep breathing, taking a brisk walk and realizing that the person in control is you. Don’t listen to the voice within your head if it is negative or controlling, remember YOU are in control.

This voice within your head, you will have to answer. Yes I am a non smoker and really I am in control. This voice is your own subconscious mind. You have to tell it whilst your relaxed that you want to be a non smoker, you have been a non smoker and your going to continue to be a non smoker.

Yes I am a non smoker, I am in control. I am in control. Smoking is disgusting and I do know what I am doing. Yes I am a non smoker and proud of it.

Have you felt this proud about anything for a while? You have said no to the most addicting drug nicotine of all times. The power of nicotine you have tamed.

Yes you are a non smoker and what a feeling you have to be a non smoker.

Some of you will have to focus on why you want to give up the cigarettes today? Why? Because we really have to say we are in control to beat this habit. Smoking is dirty, a smoker spends most of the time at a restaurant on the footpath, at the pub wow, you could be all night on the footpath. These are the answers that have twilled through your mind, these are the reasons you have told yourself why you should be a non smoker. Soon outside venues will not be tolerated for smokers. It is a dying society the cigarette.

The real reason because you are in control now, not the nicotine. You have wasted a long time having the nicotine in charge of your life. If you think about it this nicotine has kept you poor, has kept you isolated and standing on footpaths.

I am a non smoker and proud of it, guess what? Tonight you join me as a non smoker and proud of it.

Day two, we can do it. It’s not hard it is achievable and wow, the benefits are all mine when I give this addiction the flick.

How proud am I, I am a non smoker.

Please over the day and during this next couple of days just over within your mind tell yourself I am a non smoker and proud of it. This talking within your mind, is thinking however you are reinforcing the objective, you really are now a non smoker.

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