Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Diet Glasses from Japan for Weight Loss -- Maybe!

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Glasses that will make you eat less?

A Japanese company has created a new innovation in weight loss solutions where you rely on your sense of smell and sight to eat less and lose weight.

Japanese diet glasses are a new innovative solution that tricks our sense of of sight and smell to inhibit food intake. Its use of augmented reality for dieting is an example of the future benefits that will become available as more innovative companies take advantage of augmented reality technology for the purpose of how to live a healthier life.

The diet glasses out of Japan are a risk-free way to eat less and lose weight. They are, according to many news sources including Fox just plain "stupid." The Japanese diet glasses "play a trick" on our senses by sending images of food directly to our eyes and send smells up our nose which attempt to trick our brains into thinking we are eating chocolate when we are really eating brocolli. Other "diet features" include changing the color of the food to blue. Blue according to scientists is the least appetizing color on the colour spectrum. Another trick the glasses play on our minds is they make the food look bigger than it actually is so that the mind is fooled into thinking that we are eating more than we actually are.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo developed the diet glasses as a drug-free alternative to get people trying to eat less. An Australian news reporter says: “On one device goggle-mounted cameras send images to a computer, which magnifies the apparent size of the biscuit in the image it displays to the wearer while keeping his hand the same size, making the snack appear larger than it actually is… In experiments, volunteers consumed nearly 10 per cent less when the biscuits they were eating appeared 50 % bigger.”

The result is even when we think we’re getting 50% more food, we still only reduce our intake of cookies by 10%. The technology behind the Japanese diet glasses and the way they work, one researcher said is that reality “is in your mind.”

For some the news is a promising sign of how augmented reality may be beneficially used. Others, such as Fox News reports that it is just dumb and suggest "just eat less."

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