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Israel & U.S. conferring about new Iranian sanctions

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, June 04, 2012

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Iran's Nuclear Program : IR-40 facility in Arak

In an effort to appease Israel, and avoid a unilateral strike, US and Israeli diplomats are meeting to discuss the imposition of Iranian sanctions should international negotiations fail.

"Israel and the United States are conferring about imposing new sanctions against Iran in the event that international negotiations don't stop the Islamic Republic's nuclear program," according to a U.S. offical, reports Reuters.

The comment, according to Reuters, hints that Washington continues to apply the brakes on any preemptive Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Over the past months it has been made relatively clear by Israel that they are growing increasingly impatient with the "lack of progress towards circumscribing the nuclear program during the negotiations, involving Iran, the United States and five other world powers." The third round of talks will be hosted by Russia on June 18-19.

"If we don't get a breakthrough in Moscow there is no question we will continue to ratchet up the pressure," David Cohen, U.S. Treasury undersecretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, told Haaretz newspaper during a visit to Israel.

"We have today and over the past years had very close cooperation with the Israeli government across a range of our sanctions programs," Cohen said. "They are creative. They are supportive and we will continue to consult with the Israelis."

Netanyahu, Israel's Prime Minsister, last week said that world powers must increase Iranian sanctions and demand an end to all uranium enrichment by that country.

Israeli has given hints that failure to delay Iran's progress could justify a unilateral strike.

Source: Reuters

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