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Cold night in the gutter for a drug user

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Uncovering the drug syndicate

When the drugs are used in the party atmosphere, no one knows what happens. You need to see a drug users perspective from the other side. Sitting in the gutter

Last night a cold night, the rain drizzling. The drugs were the still needed up drug for the drug users. All huddled in fast take away shops waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow. However for a drug user, the sun never comes out. They don't notice that. How many are eager to find drugs for someone else.

You want to get on, someone looks up from the hard seats where you would think they were asleep. It was the dollars, well the free score they may get. This guy a traveller didn't know where to go. He was walking up to complete drug heads. However he was only an occasional user.

The guy I have been interviewing and researching, once he never took drugs. It a friend that introduced a once used, never forgotten.

That's all it takes, however to find someone a drug dealer isn't against the law. It doesn't matter whatever country your from.

So you start to wonder why people take drugs. Well, I am a straighty 180, why would anyone put themselves through the pain to get off them. They don't think of the consequences. It is the drugs that win, the effect it loses the problems seems to be answer I have heard time and time again. It is the drug user that gets the drugs for what. To hide from life.

If you live with the drug users, they think their life is so good. Having a party they say, or is the fact that it is just illegal that moves them to this adrenalin rush, that makes the endorphins kick in. Mind alterating, it they have their minds altered for years after. Always at the back of the mind, a little piece of them is saying. Come on, lets party.

Some of us, well I'm nearly 50 seem to see life differently, yet the drug users to get off have a hell of a time. They say it is the worst cleaning up from the years on the drugs. That they will never go back, yet in and out of rehabs do not much for some of these drug addicts.

Has anyone thought about the ADD within all these hard drug users, there minds are noisy most of them had said, and when I take the drugs the mind can go quiet. I have found inner peace.

From a gutter, or living at the fast food restaurant doesn't seem peace to me, however I'm a straight 180.

Kings Cross Currency exposes the drug trade like never before. Sydney has been under seige, gun fire and people have no idea what for? Money, the drugs that most of the drug users live for.....

Find the money, from the drugs and you really have exposed the complete network that has been used since the 1970's.

Peace, gunfire all over Sydney isn't peace.

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