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You want to be an Entrepreneur? Smashing Sales?

Credit: Alex Petrovic
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For many people every day when they go to work, they are wishing they are an entrepreneur. Anyone starting up a new business venture has taken one step extra, they have acted.

We may think and talk allot about where we are going in life. Many of us have heard this a thousand times yet it is a very few percentage of people that actually achieve the success that I have. I didn't think in the beginning I was special, I thought I could see what every one else could see in business.

I would research, observe, talk to people, watch the trends and dream. Of course you have to put a biit of a dream with it.

I noticed I would get hired to run telemarketing rooms, many phone lines up to 200 people and achieve more than someone who had started the system. I took over a position in a company. At the interview they said can you make our sales team the best.

That wasn' a hard question of course. I said I'll double your sales. They hired me, will I doubled sales in the first month. I was motivating everyone. Watching the systems in place and changing where necessary.

The boss excited, company growth, glad the last guy left now. New perseption of me too. I wasn't this young rooky anymore I had done something that seemed unbelievable. Well the next month I doubled my own record, thou I knew the marketing could be a little more refined. I had some ideas that I thought would push the record through the sky.

I wasn't a top gun, I had an ability. Marketing was my game. I was bright, energetic and pushing the boundaries which I enjoy doing today. Yet there are a few fundamentals I learnt and was implementing. The third month another record in sales, actually that record hasn't been beaten, it stayed month after month.

You too can leave the secrets of how to be a top gun....load, lock....

Coming soon Act and Grow Rich from Australia down under where we will turn your abilities around.

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