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Has His Lordship Taken Half a Billion to Grant Bail?

As Democracies made them Lords on par with Gods, so at least a good majority of Judges are thinking that they are Lords or Gods to decide the fate of the people who stand before them in the cage.

Corruption in Judiciary in the Mobocracies is not a every day topic even today in the public life or in the media, as in the case of executive and political corruption, as the persons who adjudicate the disputed matters in the Judiciary are elevated as His Lordships, My Lordships or Your Lordships by our addressings to keep the sanctity and elevated position of Judiciary high in the vision of common man. As social system made them Lords on par with Gods, so at least a good majority of Judges are thinking that they are Lords or Gods to decide the fate of the people who stand before them in the cage as per their discretionary powers despite the evidences and facts placed before them. At the time when true Democracies existed everyone was in view that man-made judges would certainly behave like Lords in distinguishing between good and bad, so that good will be protected and evil would be punished. But when Democracies turned like mobocracies things are happening frequently in reverse way.

The recently published article in Broowaha news portal “Are Our Judicial Systems Honest” has once again created some interest among the Legal Professionals and other people across the world nations, once again to look into the subject of prosaic Judicial Corruption in the current Democracies, with a fear that indepth debates on it may amount to contempt of courts. Yes – this ‘contempt of court’ shield has been preventing serious debates on judicial corruption frequently in several nations. That ‘special shield’ is being misused to conceal the behind curtain activity by some Judicial Officers.

Eventhough the incidents of catching some judicial officers red handedly occurs at lower levels now and then, the corrupt activities at Higher Judiciary is going unrecognized and it is very very difficult to nab such corrupt judges for various reasons. Some of they know that they are corrupt, but they keep their faces as honest bigwigs. But when pressure mounts in some unexpected situations, the lower court judges would be caught for their corrupt activity and that becomes a big news.

One such incident that occurred in India is, a Judge of a Special Court for Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) cases in Hyderabad city has been caught by the CBI sleuths, on the allegations that a deal of 60 crores of rupees had been struck for granting bail to a South Indian mining mafia don G.J.Reddy. This incident sent jitters among the Judicial circles, as this is the biggest deal ever known in the Indian history, just for granting a bail such a big amount had been taken. The local and national media raised hue and cry over this incident. The media termed this incident as “Bail for Sale”.

In this ‘Bail for Sale’ incident in India only that particular Judge has been caught, but have at any time attempts were made to seriously snoop into the corruption of Judges at various levels in several under developed or developed democracies? We say casually, corruption at judiciary is still less compared to other branches of state. But, if all previous records in mobocracies and decisions are reviewed you will come to know astonishing facts on the Judicial corruption at various levels. It is because of the veneration that we are showing an non-seriousness of enquiry still it is being respected as institution of honesty. Otherwise, even that will lose its credibility if serious inquiries are made into judicial corruption at various levels. With the fear that institutions will get demoralized, if serious inquiries are made, and keeping on postponing to rectify the institutional corruption would further damage the entire systems of Democracy, Rule of Law and equalit before Law. And these words would remain as fashionable self-deceptive words to keep us thinking that we are living in civilized societies. By dchaitanya.

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