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Drug users....YOU know you can achieve something?

Ever thought a drug user could be a millionaire....That is exactly what happened. An awesome entrepreneur, he acted, and then he joiined the elite Act and Grow Rich.

Many people will thing you can never achieve when you have a drug problem. How about a drug problem where most people gave up?

That's right, he learnt the secret of how to turn your life around from the diversity of life to the brillant career he created.

Standing back in the shadows, this man not only set out with a change of attitude, he had a goal. Many of the drug addicts today don't understand that a goal, is a future. They have been told so much negativity that they can't see ever achieving anything.

Most of the severe drug addicts all have a similar problem they have attention defeicit disorder. The mind is moving so fast, the world is spinning and they believe what they are told. If you tell someone they are bad enough enough, well they are.

Drug addicts are like children needing guidance but how when the drug dealers give some free stuff to make them hooked. Or moving the drugs with a combination to make them lost forever.

The war on drugs, we have been fightinng this war since the kamazee pilots utilised the drugs to think killing themselves and many other people as normal. Well or crazy. Is that the drugs make people believe in anything... Is that the problem.

People forget about the value of life or what they can achieve within their own life. No one notices these people.

Many of the drug users have high IQ's these are the ones that become the next drug dealer. It is only time and the war on drugs will be so big that the police can not control it. Isn't that what's happening now!

Well if you survive the drugs, get your life back on the right road and then move your life around so you are noticed to be one of the elite sales people in the world.

This is what one drug user has done, he woke up to himself. He set a goal and believed, well he had help many others believed in him too.

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By Lartinos on June 03, 2012 at 12:10 pm

There is a good deal of truth in this. To be successful we need to channel the negativity into positivty. It is not easy and takes serious dedication..

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