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How I achieved to be a TOP GUN in sales

Credit: Alex Petrovic
The tick, that's what we are all looking for

People are sometimes amazed at where I started from and where I have been in my life. I started the Act and Grow Riich Awesome entrepreneurs facebook

Have you ever set a goal and decided you can make it.

I was 29 years, or there abouts. I never had done much with my life up until that point. I was moving in the circle where most of us would never want to go.

Going to the gym daily, beach, and then not working I was living where most of you never ever wanted on the streets in Sydney.

I had met a girl, life changes they say well this part girls did change my life. I had to set a goal and get a job, being in love as they say.

I had long hair, muscles on muscles, people would look at me. I was scary, well I walked into the hairdresser saying cut it off. I need a job. I needed any job, however I needed a new image and a new bank account.

I thought a hair cut was what I needed, with a haircut my attitude changed only really because I wanted it to change.

I was trying to get a job, I knew I was good at sales so I thought I would put my best foot forward and go ask for a job. Any job was what I needed I was in a relationship. You now, the family man the love of my life was thinking and I was just waking up from the unemployment blues as I called it.

Well, I set door knocking within just a few knocks I had met a guy that said come work. That's the short form, I had some magic, I can move your sales from here to there lifting my hand. In reality I didn't know if I could however my attitude told me I could and I was telling him.

It wasn't long, the family man I was with bills, houses and working for myself. I had turned my life around by my attitude. I had found the haircut changed people's attitude to me, and I had changed my attitude to I can achieve anything.

With my Act and Grow Rich Awesome Entrepreneurs I am launching into the greatest phase of my life to teach people you too can go from the gutter to a millionaire. Well I have become not a top gun sales man in Australia, I have won many awards International it is just a few secrets yet for most people these secrets will earn them a truckload of money.

Just putting the finishing touches together, so get ready....because I'm excited.

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By Lartinos on June 03, 2012 at 12:05 pm

Congrats on your success, I had a similar epiphany 3 years ago at age 28 and wasw able to actually quit my job. I should write something about my journey too..

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By gryzelda88 on June 04, 2014 at 07:56 am

It is so interesting and modern pozycjonowanie

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