Tuesday, October 16, 2018

$30 million of cocaine comes into Australia

No one finds who has done this? The war on drugs? Who is in control?

We have taken a drug that was once legal and moved it to an illegal drug all around the world better for society. We have filled our hospitals with drug addicts screaming for help.

Many of these are single mothers being pushed into the prostitution game just to deal drugs. The drug has them hooked. It wasn't hard, one party that lasted three days as one of the drug dealers told me. This is how they do it. Taking someone a clean escort to a party just to get hooked on the drug of love as they say.

How many children are being brought up by grandparents through the addiction has pushed the love out of their life.

Drug the drug baron know what the effect is for the people left behind. The devastion that the drugs have caused not just to the working girl however to the child that was left behind, the parents that are picking up the pieces.

Love hurts when the drugs are in the way. Putting the drugs first they don't care how to live the rest of the life. No one has shown them. Only the drug dealers pushing sales has one.

$30million of drugs being brought in by a woman, and she has no hurt, selling to all the big groups that deal the drugs in the truck loads....

We have a problem..... who really is in control? Drugs? Drug Dealers? of the substance itself?

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