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Seven Celebrities who Invented Amazing Things

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, June 02, 2012

Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Neil Young

Who says celebrities aren't cracked up to be all that they are?

Celebrities get a bad rap for achieving a status that most of us dream of yet many of them have achieved far more than simple celebrity status. Thanks to our friends at Cracked here are 7 celebrities who have come up with unbelievable and some life altering inventions.

Neil Young: Yes, Neil Young, the legendary singer and songwriter invented a remote control system for model trains called the Trainmaster Command Control. He designed it so his Ben, his son, could easily run a model train despite having cerebral palsy.

Zeppo Marx: The youngest of the original Marx Brothers, invented a heart attack alarm that he named the "cardiac pulse rate monitor." It compares your heart rate to the actual time and sends offan alarm if your heart beats too fast.

Hedy Lamarr: The Hollywood sex symbol stayed up many late nights in her laboratory. Amongst other inventions Lamar jointly with pianist George Antheil created the Secret Communication System. The "System"encrypted radio frequency signals on perforated paper rolls. This was a precursor to Wi-Fi technology and amazingly was used by the US military during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

For the other 4 Celebrity inventions that include the water bed, the lie detector and the infamous comb-over go go to.

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