Friday, December 14, 2018

Market Day

by Agit8r (writer), Spokane, WA, June 01, 2012

Inspired by an account of the destruction of a village in Guatamala during the 1980's

They came to the village
on their market day
all they left was scorched earth
every villager slain
Part of a proxy war
of genocide and rape
deemed necessary
for the American way
There was no black and white then
against red, all turned gray
Innocence was taken
and consigned to mass graves

It was the Gipper's secret
for so many years
after he condemned an evil empire
and played the rabble's fears
No doubt the old man's guilt
made his mind decay
So homage is given him
even to this day
What price for shameless greed
a debt left unpaid
We pray against the justice
of our market day

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