Monday, September 24, 2018

4 The Love Child::::NOT a Mistake

It is Just a Hippie World after all--it is Just a Hippie World after Fall--

You Were Called By Name B4 You Were Born::::God is your Father--Your cradle is Love--Light from Heaven shines on The Dove--You are NOT a Mistake--though some would have Suggested--that you should B aborted--your God your Mother your Father--Made Sure that plan was Thwarted--just Three Months in The Womb--God counted your Fingers and Toes--and Checked out your Nerve-Rivers by the Branches and Rows--Man does not always know--where the Seed Goes--But God always Knows--and God always Shows--how what The World calls a Mistake--God Calls His 'Lucky Break' his 'Lucky Number' The voice that Woke him Up from Slumber--and to this Day in 2012 President Lincoln has a Proud Tree--from The Womb of a Woman--not 'legally' his wife--but Because of Her Voice--USA went Civil in Strife--she put Lincolns Hand upon Her Womb--and she Declared: Lightning Over this Doom of Slavery--OUR LOVE CHILD will bee Born Free--when you Fight 4 Africa you Fight 4 Me!--and 4 your own Blood!--4 our Obama Baby!.....X

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