Friday, December 14, 2018

Is a Mistress a 'Sin'

Political Play The Edwards Way In The Name of The Child

Overhearing Through My Walls::::Rachel Maddow was on in another Room::::and there was a Mention of a 'Sin':::a Political One:::and a Decade from now--a CHILD from a Mr Edwards is going to Wonder::::::Am EYE a Mistake?--Am EYE a Sin?--Did Daddy NOT Want Me--and My Message 2 YOU--is That you are a LOVE-CHILD--Now Mr Edwards went through a Lengthy Apology--4 his supposed sin--some 'John' or 'Jon' is his first name--and eye want to say Mr Edwards: You did the RIGHT thing--You took care of The Woman that you got pregnant--you didn't Abandon Her--the way Mr Robert Kennedy abandoned MARY--you didn't let her Fall into Poverty--you didn't Force her to have an Abortion--as Many Men do--when they want to "cover" Unintentional Creations--not necessarily Physical Force--but a Psychological and Emotional manipulation that is JUST as Painful--is common practice in Feminist Male Society--and JUST 2 keep the man--many women feel pressured to have Abortions against our will--so the Man may bee 'Liberated' to Evade giving Support and 2 escape Responsibility--all while Parading and Posing as 'Pro-Woman'--AND eye just want you to know--Mr Edwards and Love Child--considering the circumstances--THANK YOU 4 beeing a Covering to the Woman and letting the Child Live--this was an ACT of Justice--as 4 Mr Edwards Wife--an Elizabeth eye believe (Beautiful Name)--CLEARLY Your Husband Honors you and His Vows to you--sometimes a JFK has a Marilyn--but that Never subtracts from The Jackie--if the Man is a Man of Integrity--he stays True to his Vows--in some cases Divorce Happens--but it should never bee over a 'Marilyn'--and there is NO Shame Upon Elizabeth--it has been since the beginning of ManKind--The Y-Chromo tendency--4 Some but NOT All--men--to have an Additional Woman--and IF you are The 'Additional' Woman--it is the Obligation of your Conscience to say::::No Matter What--Eye do NOT wish 2 bee the Cause of Divorce!--Your WIFE comes First.....Hmmmm--Bee Better than a 'Cheryl'--DIVORCE Wounds Couples Families Trees Forests Nations--in a Brutal way--and in this Painful Social-Disorder of The Divorce Epidemic--and Hammered Down American-Dream--IF you are Married eye Challenge you 2 say 2 your Partner:::::::NO Matter What--the Suggestion of Divorce Will NOT Come from Me--eye Refuse to Scar the Hearts of The Next Generation by Participating in this Divorce Epidemic--IF Divorce happens in Our Household--may YOU sign the Papers First--call me MARY but eye will Sign--only if you put your Hand over Mine and move my pen 4 Me--because B4 GOD eye mean my Words--Until Death do US resurrection--.....4 all of The Marilyns--Sometimes a Man takes a Mistress--and IF you are that Mistress--KNOW your Circle--and Never Step over it--Because One Day--YOU May bee The Wife--and Karma has a Way of Kicking back Brutal--do unto The Wife as you would have done unto You!.....X

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