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Behind the scenes, going undercover.

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Undercover in Kings Cross, The Kings Cross Sting

When you think of putting your life on the line for a novel, many would think your daft. Yet this is exactly what has happened, with the coming together of The Kings Cross Sting Series.

Background about

In the Cross Fire

The uncovering of significant evidence, is the most significant part of this series of books The Kings Cross Sting. How we found the evidence, how the evidence fell into the story, well you have to start right at the beginning.

A few people, may think they recognize themselves however the story is in the author’s mind they say. I have dreamt, visualized, the information. Maybe even manifested to come to the surface. With mediation on the various images have been worked on searching for the answers.

Many of these images have not exposed the criminal element, however they have assisted the author in visualizing and working with the information at hand.


If you think true crime has never been manipulated to report it? Why is there Whistleblowers. Many people find every day significant evidence only to fall on the dead ends.

Some like our story has focused on The Heiress, our reporter from 1975, Editor and chief journalist went missing in action.

How could we leave this undone. How could we allow this story to be lost and never reported. It needed to be uncovered, however we didn’t start here. It is interesting where I started in the novel to know where I ended up…

Well the story hasn’t finished yet. Still have undercover’s on the ground helping me put the evidence together for the significant evidence.

To the many journalists that have put together books on The Heiress’s life had you ever wondered what The Heiress was working on at the time of disappearance in reality? Was it worth reporting on?

I am sure The Heiress like many Journalists could’ve been undercover. Exposing the real reason, why on earth this Journalist was taken, disappeared. Yet her remains have stayed hidden.

Where I was not on this story to begin with, no just putting a novel together. The Heiress’s story came to light, and was a story that needed telling to stop the Kings Cross Currency and to expose the drug industry.

It started out just like any novel, working through ideas putting pen to paper. Researching many of the items that I believed were icons within Australia and Sydney. Never the icon I did discover, a courageous reporter who was on a mission where most people had no idea what was happening behind the scenes. I believe The Heiress had a talent, to uncovering the truth.

However it wasn’t until we moved into Kings Cross on the ground in our undercover identity that we saw the real Kings Cross. The Kings Cross that is killing the area, the thugs, the lowlife’s that have our unemployment benefit payments and then they deal drugs of a night. Well if they could during the day, they will.

Spending twelve months with these underhanded red barons on the ground, they all thought I was the crazy Madame. A great cover for most, as I worked of a night when the punters and the lights were happening then I would be going home sometimes when peak hour hit the roads in Sydney coming to town.

I learnt about the Kings Cross Currency from the first day we opened the doors. Realising then that my novel was taking on some of the characteristics I was writing about. I was also reading on the computer of a night, finding all the drug dealers on facebook. Not hard when they walk in your front door, ask to see the ladies then deal drugs.

I would enjoy seeing the working girls and the clients interact on facebook and down on the main strip the Golden Mile Kings Cross.

Where In the Cross Fire started was just some girls having a very Friday 13th evening, some graveyard dirt and a wish. We had a 40th birthday to celebrate. We added a touch of real Friday the 13th with some lovely dead roses from the cemetery as you would to celebrate a night like this.

Being undercover and an author, the drug barons and dealers knew all about me. As each time they came in to the brothel from the beginning they were asking questions. I was an outsider, I was a straighty 180. I didn’t do drugs, however I was sitting in the premises where extortion, after extortion have happened. I didn’t know. I never knew about this type of action ever in my entire life.

They say things happen for a reason, however this novel In the Cross Fire is understanding how the drug system works in Kings Cross. How the drugs work not just in Kings Cross but for the distribution to many other places.

To start off with a cemetery, a crazy group of girls and then see the miracle that happened.

Have we solved a murder?

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