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Romney v. Obama for President

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Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney reached the critical number of 1,144 delegates necessary for him to clinch the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

The results from the Texas primary are in and they have Romney over the 1,144 delegate milestone. This makes Romney the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America. He will now unite the Republican party in the fight to win back control of the White House. Republicans won't however officially nominate Romney until late August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.

Tonight Romney tweeted “Thank You.” This was "a triumph of endurance for a candidate who fought hard to win over skeptical conservative voters [and who] must now fire up for the campaign against President Obama," according to NPR.

"I have no illusions about the difficulties of the task before us. But whatever challenges lie ahead, we will settle for nothing less than getting America back on the path to full employment and prosperity." Romney has recently turned his atttention to his fight against Obama and getting the U.S. back on track.

“I have experience in the economy that’s going to help me get good jobs for Americans, so we can be secure again,” Romney told Fox News. Many today were distracted by Romney's fundraiser tonight with Donald Trump. The social media has been been abuzz today about Romney not being in Texas for the win.

Instead Romney has turned his focus to beating Obama and was at a Las Vegas fundraiser with celebrity and real estate mogul Donald Trump. Trump has continued to renew suggestions that Obama wasn't born in the United States. Romney distanced himself from Trump's assertions and has stated that he believes Obama was born in the U.S. making this a non-issue for his campaign.

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By Randy Mitchell on May 30, 2012 at 09:49 am

Most new pretty early on that Romney would clinch the nomination. Now its time for him to go manna a manno against Obama. And if the early polls are any indication, he's quickly gaining, if not overcoming his competition. I truly believe we'll have a new President come November. This country simply can't afford another four years of the great spender.

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