Monday, October 22, 2018

Diagnosing God The Monsanto Way

The 'Jack' in the Box--Winding Popping Springing

GOD Did You Mis-Match your SOCKS Did You Pattern-Clash--have you been Holding Meetings with your Angels and Demons yet AGAIN--have you shut yourself away 4 a Century--to WEEP over the Annihilation of our Eden Organic Bio-Diversity....Did you Suddenly Become Elated to The Degree of CLOUD #10 Ecstasy--and did you Stay in that State of John Lennon euphoria 4 an Extended Period of Time--as you Crowned your Justice Leaders--out to Save Earth!--did you enter into a State of Extreme Anxiety--when you were Forced to Watch a Generation of Children being Poisoned by Sprays Injections and Pills--Hmmmmm--let me Check My Notes--we either have a Disordered God--or a Disordered Earth--well well Goddy!--did you Close your Door to the Cries of Your People--and leave them stuck 4 Half a Century in the Book of Jeremiah--did you Bargain with The Devil over the Fate of JOB...did you WILLINGLY Give Up your Life--like some sort of Socrates--did you Starve Yourself in the Desert Again--like some sort of Ghandi--are you wearing the SAME Clothes you were in Last Week--did you fall asleep on your Theories in The Making--SEVEN Days Straight--like some sort of Einstein--DID YOU go like a Silent Lamb and Utter Not a Word like a MUTE Helen Keller--Hmmmmm--Goddy eye have you Boxed as a SUICIDAL with Social-Anxiety-Disorder--because Our Society is Cause 4 your Anxiety--eye have you Down as Depressed AND Manic--so we will just do the Addition there and call you Bi-Polar--all of this Interaction in The Paranormal--either makes you Schizophrenic--or Earns you your Own Show--as you Bump over Jonathan Edwards--Hmmm--ARE you somewhere In The Future with your Scrolls OH GODDY--your Diagnosis might bee RIGHT IN THERE with the one we still haven't constructed yet 4 JEAN OF what Prescription does GOD Need:::::::How About a 'NEW-EARTH' Pill?--would that LEVEL your Moods a Little Bit?....Hmmm--if only we had LOCKED You and GHANDI away--4 your Social-Anxiety Anorexia and Depression--PERHAPS the World would Bee a Better Place!--It is So much Simpler than actually addressing Injustice--just Box Label Bind the VOICES that Upset the Current Injustice System......Time-Travel to The Hippie Age::::Oh what a Dilemma 4 Stock IS VIETNAM COMING HOME....Quick Monsanto--IF you Don't Diagnose them and Pill their Mouths Shut and Lock them away--SOMEBODY is going to take away your Agent-Orange Toy!--QUICK get One of Your Puppet MDs to Construct some Boxes--SEND it to the Psychiatric Department--and **MAKE SURE** that The Symptoms in The Boxes DIRECTLY OVERLAP and Coincide with The Effects of AGENT-ORANGE Poisoning......Hmmmm--Oh PERFECT Job--we have over Five different Psychiatric Labels for ONE Chemical Spray--PERFECT now this will keep our DOW up--go Infiltrate The Medical Systems--DONT let them Ask too many Questions--the Last thing We need is Some Socratic MD Messing up Our Dow--Just Indoctrinate--and ANY Medical-Student that does Not behave in a Robotic Fashion--OR questions the foundation 4 these Theories--do not Give him a License!--he is a Disruption to our DOW and as Bad as Those Naturopaths....which just CRASH our Dow Mercilessly--Good GOOD Good--with these Boxes we can LOCK AWAY VIETNAM--make a Fortune on a New Line of Pills--and NEVER have to give them Retribution in Court!--because after Five Years of "treatment" they will bee Vegetable anyway!--and then they Really WON'T have a Case!--Now this is What eye Call a Trillion-Dollar Merger:::::MONSANTO and DOW.....So how is the Annihilation of The Brazilian Rainforest Going?--just Dump the Agent-Orange RIGHT OVER all the Endangered Species--so the Land may bee used 4 "Experimental" purposes-- X

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By Arlena88 on June 26, 2014 at 01:58 am

Ok that looks so funny

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By Dyzma88 on July 01, 2014 at 06:56 am

Ok it will be so cool

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