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Romney expected to clinch the Republican nomination Tuesday

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Mitt Romney expected to win Republican Presidential Nominee on Tuesday in Texas

Mitt Romney will make history today by securing his place as the first major-party Mormon presidential nominee.

One year after first launching his campaign, Mitt Romney will make history when he secures his place as the first major-party Mormon presidential nominee of the United States at his party's August National Convention.

This will happen unless Ron Paul pulls off an upset in Texas today. Without an upset Romney will cross the 1,144 delegate mark required to wrap up the Republican nomination. "After a year of criticism that he didn’t have the strength or shrewdness to take on President Obama, Romney has emerged from the bruising primary as a formidable adversary. With the race firmly in general-election mode, he is a more disciplined campaigner than he was a few months ago and has pulled even with Obama in many national and swing-state polls," reports the Washington Post.

"It'll be a big day tomorrow," Romney said last night. "I'm looking forward to the good news." Though many Mormons appear somewhat apprehensive of Romney's victory. "This is a potentially volatile moment. They are deeply proud that their faith’s most prominent adherent, Mitt Romney, is steps away from a presidential nomination and could push the faith further into the mainstream of American life." “There’s a sense of we’re proud to have Mitt Romney doing so well,’’ said Quin Monson, a professor at Brigham Young University and a Mormon himself. “The other side of the coin is there’s sort of a sense of trepidation. Or nervousness. Sort of maybe even a fear of the impending maelstrom that I think a lot of Mormons widely believe is coming our way.’’

Romney won't be in Texas Tuesday and instead is heading for campaign appearances in Colorado and Las Vegas. In Vegas he will be holding what's seen by some as a controversial fundraiser with Donald Trump. When asked about Trump and the reality TV, real estate mogul’s continued skepticism about President Obama’s birth certificate, he responded, “You know I don’t agree with all the people who support me and my guess is they don’t all agree with everything I believe in.” “But I need to get 50.1 percent or more and I'm appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people.”

Mitt’s skills did not come out of nowhere. He began his career in business. After graduating from Brigham Young University in 1971, he earned dual degrees from Harvard Law and Harvard Business School. After working as a business consultant for several years, Mitt founded the investment firm Bain Capital in 1984. Under his leadership, Bain Capital helped to launch or rebuild hundreds of companies, including household names such as Staples, Bright Horizons, and The Sports Authority. As Bain Capital was growing in prominence, Mitt returned to his old consulting firm, Bain & Company, as CEO. In a time of financial turmoil at the company, he led a successful turnaround.

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