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Heal with your mind! TAKe CoNTRoL

From nicotine to drug addiction, even cancer we can all help yourself through the power of the mind. Techniques that work together to form stimulation to the subconscious mind.

Thunder down Under

What a name, exactly who I am.

If you have LOvE, LiFE on shaky ground, then you may need to learn how to

TAKe CoNTRoL through different techniques which all can work individually or through the series of books each technique will be talked about in deepth.

Have you felt, life is worthless? Why continue on, if you have hit the wall. Found out you had cancer, and your whole life flashed before you.

Most people at some stage through their lives hit the wall. It maybe the wall of success, it could be never thought it would or could happen to them, it is really the ability to pick up the pieces of life that are required to move on in a positive way.

When you’re from Australia, life is a little different however we all over the world have our lives shattered through many mishaps or not thinking for another member of the family, or towards another member of the family.

Within my life I live in Sydney, love travel, enjoy my family and would like a life without Thunder, ThaT’s RighT. Why would anyone want Thunder in their life?

As many of you will have realized by my books the titles relate to me in some way, so with Thunder down under, was a boat that I believed was perfect, did my husband take a second look no…..for me until lately I have always wondered. So Thunder down Under Magnum inboard stern drive 454hp cubic inch…wow powerful, it had two front and two rear seats, the inside of the boat was tidy. The blue and red stripe, awesome looking from the tip of the nose and to the rear of the boat.

For many people this boat, Thunder down Under was not achievable to have. For some reasons it was powerful, it sat low in the water therefore flat water was a need to run this boat. Many weekends we would have 19 people waterskiing with us, so this boat was powerful to take the guys bare footing down the river which I LOved to do. Flying as flat down as you could hummering on the river, if you backed off, they were off. The driving at full throttle with the need to keep flying what ever happened.

Bare footing, waterskiing is just a vehicle in itself, a fast moving action alone however without a boat you go nowhere. Without the ability to be good at the sport you get left behind. Many woman do water ski, fewer barefoot and as we get older…(Gee I hate this old part). You do lose the ability; this is when you have to find something else to do. So you keep the style of living ability of TAKe CoNTRoL and with LOve being shaky the joint efforts towards moving in a direction with friends does make the difference.

How does it feel, the flying out of control in the forward direction without looking back it feels fantastic. Does it what? When you feel you are in control, think of the 454 cubic inch motor, the pull on the propeller, the lifting of the nose out of the water driving at full throttle down the river. Wind in your hair, so I wear a cap normally, I used to wear goggles. Why? Because the tears would run from my eyes through the wind would ruin my vision. Did it stop me? NO….just finds a way, as all is achievable. You may not think that it is, however with some support the hard steps to get off the wrong direction and come back on track is not hard. The hard part is the start. When we start, just like waterskiing. We need to hang on, we need to hold tight, maybe shut your eyes. We could take a breath; we push through the chains or barriers or maybe with skiing the water that sucks you in. Holding you back if you hang on, it will let go of you. The wet feeling of the water leaving your body and bursting through to the wind and the freedom is so exhilarating.

Confidence, being sure that you could see ahead enough to be safe. The fellows would be able to push themselves if I kept in control. Some of how I have learnt TAKe CoNTRoL I believe is moving in the fast lane, hitting the throttle and not looking back.

Thunder down Under, never came home. I did dream however I was the only one dreaming….it does make a difference the joint involvement, the helping each other. When you have a dream that is shared it will be able to be given a chance.

When you feel life is out of control, PANIC has come into the equation, putting a not in control sign up. We just have to pause, think for a while what to do next and not fret that the next step is two big. It is achievable even when you are flying at supersonic speeds in the wrong direction we can come back on track.

Within the series of TAKe CoNTRoL self help books we do look at different ways and ideas to work within your relationships and times within your life. Some people are hit with problems that many of us, do not have. Some of us, feel when we have problems with someone we LOve we will never recover.

Our self help series TAKe CoNTRoL life is fantastic, or better than Thunder will from my perspective believe it is worth a chance to try something new, even from down under to move the problem and help your own life to get better.

Thank you for reading or continue to read my books with in the TAKe CoNTRoL series, even just by reading one book you will without really noticing that your life will be better, just ask someone in a month or so when you have been implementing the types of programs within your own life how your own attitude at life will improve.

Life is great, when you look at it upside down.

Book Release coming. TAKe CoNTRoL Series

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