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Make Your Life Richer

by DebTim (writer), Ontario, CANADA, June 06, 2012

Take control of your time, giving yourself more to enjoy the sweet simple moments.

This week past, I was away with my baby sister. It was a time for just the two of us, to hang out, laugh, talk and reconnect on a special level that only sisters can experience. Getting away with each other has been a blessing and has strengthened our friendship as sisters knowing that we stand in the gap for each other.

Sometimes life takes you by storm, days running into each other that we can't even remember what we ate the day before. It's time to experience each simple moment. We miss too much by the rush of life taking hold and moving us along at such a fast pace. Our relationships should be deeper than what our busy lives are allowing them to be.

Many of us take our family relationships for granted trusting that they will always be there. Unfortunately the rush of life has an impact on our pretty much everything we do. So why are we is such a rush? We only get one go-around so let's make the most of it. Slow down and smell the roses!

Take the time to slow down and you will soon realize life is much more enjoyable when you revel in each moment. When you have a savory dinner before you, will you enjoy it if you cram it down your throat thinking about what's next or do you savor every morsel and really appreciate it? Do you skim through a book so you can get on to the next one, or take your time allowing the book to take you places away from the daily grind?

It takes changing your mindset to slow down. We've allowed our world to program us into thinking everything must be done now. It's not so! We have to take control and responsibility over our lives in order to slow down and enjoy each moment as it comes.

There are simple ways to begin slowing down and enjoying life. One big one to me is, when you are in the company of a friend - turn your cell phone off. Give yourself time without distractions to cultivate your relationships showing that you are giving them your full attention.

Cutting back on your to-do list is another way to slow your pace. It's far better to get three things done well than do ten things with mediocre results. No one can do a great job if they are spread too thin.

Take time in getting places. Don't put the pedal to the medal - rather set your cruise to a respectable speed and enjoy the ride. It's a great time for reflection. Give yourself more time to get there. If you allow yourself ten minutes make it twenty.

Just remember there's always tomorrow. The world won't end if you cut back on your commitments, get rid of the unnecessary things on your list and add some "life time".

Life will be so much richer if we just slow down.

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