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A Liberal Argues Against Gun Control

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Guns Really Don't Kill People. People Kill People.

Taking Apart The Constitution To Disarm The People Is Not An Option.

We have all seen the news stories of horrific shootings in schools that take the lives of so many innocents. We are inundated with video from the scenes of mass murder perpetrated by those who have become judge, jury and executioner at former places of employment. Insane people randomly firing into crowds attract the attention of the media like moths to a flame, and the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Florida becomes the story that is played over and over again, as though it was the only incident of import that had happened during the news cycle.

None of us can begin to fathom the absolute agony that the victims or their families go through in the aftermath of any gun involved incident. As the shock wears off, burials are arranged for those who have died, and the grieving process sometimes demands a righteous anger and indignation against anyone who favors following the Constitution's Second Amendment. Spurred on by non stop coverage by the media, gun control advocates begin demanding restrictions on gun ownership, as evidenced by the recent blaring into our living rooms of the Travon Martin shooting on a constant basis for weeks on end.

Before all of the facts had even begun to be gathered in that case, and before any law enforcement agencies had completed any investigations, restriction advocates were paraded in front of mainstream media cameras citing the Martin case as the new reason du jour as to why we had to take guns out of the homes of ordinary Americans. It seemed to the casual observer that the entire incident was played to by the media with it's around the clock trumpeting of every last detail, (some real and some imagined), to come along for weeks on end. Every new twist and turn was thrust at us, video looped constantly, all to lead into the segways of gun control advocates turning a tragedy into a political agenda.

I do not own a gun. I have only fired a gun one time in all of my fifty one years, and that was at a tree in the woods of Wisconsin some twenty odd years ago. Guns terrify me. I have no desire to own one, nor am I comfortable handling one, but I am not willing to join the ranks of those who declare that only the military or the police should be the ones in our country to carry or own a weapon.

As a bleeding heart liberal who believes in housing, health care, food and justice for the poor of our nation, on this one issue I side with the gun owners and (gasp!), the right wing over those who wish to abolish the Second Amendment. There is a reason the Founders guaranteed us the right to bear arms. In their wisdom, they understood implicitly that an armed populace may be deceived by their own government on issues of import, but could never truly be enslaved by a would be dictator due to the fact that everyone would be armed themselves and could theoretically put a stop to the shenanigans of those who would be kings.

We, as a nation, delude ourselves into believing that such a thing could never happen here in the United States. I beg to differ. As corporate ruthlessness, greed, and influence merges entirely with our system of government, indeed, overshadows it, can the day be far off when someone actually will stand up and suspend the Constitution and our Bill Of Rights on some pretense or another? What will gun control advocates do when there is no one to stand and and say no to any would be tyrant through the threat of the combined weight of gun owners might? That my friends, is probably the only reason why our government and corporate masters even bother to take pause. An armed populace can never be truly subjugated. They know, as does the F.B.I. and the U.S. Census Bureau, that there are approximately 250 millions guns owned by private citizens in this country. Quite possibly the only reason we are still a country at all. Instead, they must lull us all to sleep while they go about the business of robbing us blind.

No one in their right mind would wish to see guns in the hands of those with a mental illness or those with proclivities towards violence. Nor those who have shown the willingness to use them during the commission of a crime. Let Justice be done to those who either take the law into their own hands, or those who are too sick to understand what they have done. But do not take away the ability of our people to defend themselves against a run amok government who steals all of our money and hands it over to corporations without so much as a bye your leave to the people who are being systematically crushed by an already tyrannical system.

Do not be drawn into this straw man argument about gun control. It is being used as a wedge issue by both politicians of all stripes and the media to distract you from the more pressing needs of our country. Needs such as infrastructure repair, health care for all, the growing segment of our society falling into poverty, and the lack of affordable housing. Put forward as a right versus left argument, they never bring up the fact that literally half the gun owners in this country identify themselves as 'liberal'.

No, I do not like guns. I hope fervently for the day when they are no longer a necessary evil in a world gone mad. But until that day, I feel a little safer knowing that some of my neighbors may have one, and that many an American Patriot will stand and defend when and if that time ever comes.

And that my friends, is but my humble opinion..............

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By dchaitanya on May 23, 2012 at 06:09 am

The other side of the issue is effectively projected by Humble Opinion.

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By Ewalda88 on June 23, 2014 at 01:23 am

I must think about that rekuperacja warszawa

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