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The Museum of Surveying is Depraved

by Rev. F (writer), Intercourse, PA, April 24, 2007


So, I found myself in the Lansing area with nothing to do.

So, I grabbed the hotel flyer on "Lansing Area Attractions."

So, I was almost 100% set on the "Deja Vu Night Club." I figured a $10 couch dance was in my future. Hey kid, you've earned it, I told myself.

But then The Fates had me turn one more page...

There before me was an ad for "THE MUSEUM OF SURVEYING." See attached photo.

As you can see, THE MUSEUM OF SURVEYING is where you can learn about the wild and wonderful world of the land surveying arts. A portly man in frontier-era clothing will tell you the essentials of surveying, such as:

1) What exactly is a "metes and bounds survey?"

2) How can I get away with drinking on the job during those deep forest surveys?

3) How did Thomas Jefferson's decisions affect Michigan surveying history?

4) How can I not give a fu*k when my surveys and legal descriptions do not match and a deadline is looming?

So the next time you and the kids are bored in the Lansing area, check out the MUSEUM OF SURVEYING. Make certain to "call ahead," just to make sure you beat the crowd...

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By Shawn Norris on April 25, 2007 at 12:56 am
ha ha ha the fact someone actually went to this place deserves kudos
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