Friday, October 19, 2018

Kings Cross is Under SEIGE

Credit: Jennifer Stone
KX Newspaper Exclusive Report

Drugs have Sydney at the hands of these Drug lords. Shootings all over Sydney? STOPPED? Well one is in goal?

Sydney over the last months has been shot at, chased, terrorised for what? A fight over a bank account.

Bikes Unite has been happening all over the World . It is known that most large bikie mob, the largest all over the world name the drug running arm of the operations the runaways. Being like the wanders they work of a night, no fixed address yet they have a person behind the scenes.

This band of misfits that have terroried Sydney over a bank account TYVO Taking your vice over has caused families to run for cover.

The gun shoots have stopped yet the war is still happening on the ground. One side of the mob trying to obtain the rights. It is the unwritten law that the bank account who owns this account is the King, the Master of the drug world for the mobs.

The Exclusive Kings Cross Sting is underway, Police, Govenment, Prime Minister are working together to free Sydney from this criminal element of Child's play as the members of the mob have told me.

An exclusive underworld eye view will be coming shortly exposing the drug empire that exists and how the drugs are run through Kings Cross affecting all of Sydney.

A reporter in 1975 was on the trail of the Kings Cross Currency went missing on the 4 July 1975, still today this same company the Heiress was reporting on is causing problems today. The Heiress was going to blow the top on a story to be reported on in 1975 this still blows the drug world apart today.

KX Newspaper The Kings Cross Sting has gone underground to expose the drugs and the network behind the movement of drus. Kings Cross Currency Report from one Editor in 1975 to the next Editor 2012 will take you to a world where many dare go. There are two choices for most goal or the grave? The Heiress was given a life sentence. Lets hope they catch her killer through this report being aired for the first time since her death.

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