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The Ryan Budget, Or The Plan To Make Atlas Shrug

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Tea Party Couldn't Differentiate Between Fiction And Fact

Black Shirt Tea Party Rants Austerity, But Shower Rich With More Largesse

Attempting to deliver a final crushing blow to government help for the poor, the 2012 Republican Party voted in favor of Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan's Budget plan. Touting it as the most efficient way to bring down the deficit, these followers of fiction writer Ayn Rand would have the nation believe that cutting off all help for those with the least, and giving that money to the richest fat cats in the country, will somehow deliver us from the depression that was started by these very same hucksters.

Propaganda channels like Fox News tell their listeners that this is the most courageous budget to come out of the stinking halls of the G.O.P. controlled House in many a year, leaving out the most salient points in the budget, you know, the parts that will hurt those very same brainwashed people were this plan ever actually put in place.

Using religion to try to justify the massive cuts to essential programs like Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, women's health, Ryan incurred the wrath of religious organizations from across the religious spectrum when he tried to say that this evil budget was consistent with his Catholic upbringing. Indeed, the PICO Network blasted Ryan, saying that his use of religion to base his plan on did not reflect the views of most religious leaders in the U.S. PICO is a non-partisan network of over one thousand congregations in over two hundred cities nationwide.

One must understand first of all that Rep. Ryan has taken more than $2.2 million dollars from Wall Street for his political campaigns, and is beholden to their interests, not the interests of the American people.

Breaking down some of the bigger ticket items in the Ryan Budget, one immediately sees the largest redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top one per cent. He cuts $800 billion dollars from Medicare, $140 billion dollars from the Food Stamp program, hundreds of billions of dollars from Head Start, Women and Children's Food Programs such as WIC, and even as he spews the nonsense that doing all of this will force the poor to 'pull themselves up by their bootstraps', he cuts Pell Grants for education, the very thing that would give poor and middle class youth the opportunity to do just that.

Ryan then turns around and gives the top one per cent an additional $265,000 tax cut on top of the already insane Bush tax cuts. He pays for these tax cuts for the wealthy by raising taxes on the poor and the middle class. And slipped into the very fine print of this insidious plan is a loophole for corporations to ship more money to offshore banks in order to avoid paying taxes. He does this by repealing the repatriation tax on profits by earned overseas by U.S. corporations, giving them an incentive to outsource more jobs in order to make more overseas profits. All of this is expected to add at least $3 trillion dollars to the deficit.

In listening to rabid far right advocates of the Ryan budget, (including republican candidate Mitt Romney), one once again can hear the catcalls about the poor causing all of our national woes. Even though many of those same far right cheerleaders among the general population are actually living in or near the federal poverty level, outlets such as Fox spew insane lies over and over again, cramming the heads of the gullible with the false notion that Corporate America is the true savior, and must be given more money, more power, and more control of our government in order to right the ship they themselves steered into the rocks.

Like a demonic cult on steroids, these followers of the works of Ayn Rand believe in a vision for America where only the top one per cent have any control over anything. They would do away with elections altogether, and in fact are attempting to do just that in the state of Michigan. In order to realize reorganization of American democracy into a full blown fascist oligarchy, they must destroy any vestige of decency and compassion for anyone making less than a million dollars per year.

We as a nation pulled through the years of the Great Depression by standing together. We fought back against the corporate invasion and attempted takeover of our government. FDR put in place a New Deal that tried to ensure that no American should ever have to live in abject poverty again. But slowly and surely, the same corporate class that tried to stage a fascist coup against FDR, are back at their old tricks.

It seems the lessons of the past are never learned and that history must keep repeating itself in order for things to right themselves for just a little while. We watch as Corporate America demands more pounds of flesh, and as their minions, such as Ryan, gleefully drive us towards the middle ages. They demand that the poor just die, and that the middle class stop whining and join the ranks of the poor, while they do the bidding of Satan's children on Wall Street.

Amazingly, they can not see beyond their blinders to the devastation caused by their neo-fascist visions. They can not see the rising anger and revulsion coming from the majority of Americans. Existing in their bubble world, they take no heed of the warnings of the past whispering to them to turn back from this reckless course, lest they find themselves in the position that all tyrants eventually come to. The position that dictates that sooner or later, they will become the catalyst for a new American Revolution, and all they have done will be written in future history books with the same disdain that is reserved for Germany of the 1930's and early 1940's. Because when you come right down to it, it is the same social philosophy played out during Hitler's reign of terror................

As always, just my humble opinion........

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By Notumbus Bumbus on May 21, 2012 at 03:26 pm

Sadly, most people won't wake up until just before the ship sinks.

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By Ewalda88 on June 23, 2014 at 01:25 am

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