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Drugs send people to the streets? TAKe CoNTRoL

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, May 19, 2012

The root of all evil as they say. Drugs have bought the wealth people down, sadness to so many people, yet they run ramped through our streets and drug users networks.

Who is in Control? The drugs or the police.

For my opinion working and living on the front line of drug worn warzone Kings Cross. The disgusting drug barons that lurch away hiding, with a girlfriend in toe is just a normal night in Kings Cross.

The Master as I put it, yet the drugs that go through his hands feed so many. Who is control? The Police that seem to have no control from the Master. The system, these drug barons have other drug dealers and users hiding them at every point through this drug empire that The Master has created.

The Master had started many years ago with a drug dealers of just a few. See the heroin was the problem back then, now the cocaine and the real problem the ice is running rampant. Yet the Master is forced to suck the glass pipe himself. Untouchable are the drugs for the real leaders of the drug world however it seems they all utilise this ice that passes through my part of the woods Kings Cross. You can find it everywhere all over the world.

The law has limitations on the ingredients yet for this product of ice many problems have happened just to hide the Master since his ice habit has grown. The ice that is fueling his mind. Putting the fog on his eyesight of the law. The police notice The Master yet he is a face that they have seen for years, fixing the police cars. The system, is just that. A system where the drugs are in control through the old business notation of supply and demand.

Have the demand and the sales happen, well they happen easier for an illegal product. The addrenalin starts pumping for the Master when he knows the next deliver is soon, dresses up to pick up his stash. It is just an ice, for the tequila comes next. The worm he will be when the police catch up with this sex manic a young girl on the arm and the ice in his pocket.

How many girlfriends does the Master have, many as the tale goes, one after another they line up to suck the glass pipe with a drug dealer that hasn't been caught as the police have found him a friend. Green light he tells me, yet it is the system the drugs, the dealers and how the ice moves through the hands.

The Master doesn't live on the streets, he has many that do come and visit him. For an hour, for a day, for a night. Some sleep, others cry for sympathy yet he is the Master that the drug users buy off.

Living on the streets is choice for most, yet when you enter the drug world. The living on the park benches, the doorways, sleeping in the day to protect yourself at night is just the system. The choice has gone once you take the sting of the shot.

Kings Cross Currency examines the drug trade, the drug money and exposes the system.

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