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Drunken Vampire Karaoke

by Venditto (writer), Sty Town, April 24, 2007


I never realized what true devotion was until I experienced the love on display at the Buffy Sing- a- Long at the IFC Center. For those of you who don't know: this is a staged screening of the all singing Buffy episode: "Once More With Feeling".

As the show unspools on the big screen, actors lip sync and pantomime the action on stage. Much audience participation, glitter and bubble blowing ensues.

I was shocked as I approached the theater and saw a line stretching up sixth ave. I was even more taken aback by the crowd. It was a surreal mix of middle aged, overweight comic book collectors with goatees and ponytails; little Lisa Loeb clones; college kids; business people and of course the ubiquitous Japanese party girls that seem to spring up where you least expect them.

This was a whole new experience for me and I was stoked. Unfortunately, the showing was at midnight and by the time I got to the theater I was exhausted (read: drunk).

So instead of a coherent, probing think piece, I am going to just transcribe for you the notes I found scrawled on cocktail napkins in my pocket when I woke up this morning.
-I've never seen so many people be so happy to be standing in a line.

-UNCOOL COOL TIP: Order tickets early, then go and drink in the Waverly bar- conveniently connected to the theater. The drinks are moderately priced, and you don’t have to wait on the line with the increasingly disturbing shiny happy people. Oh, and they let you into the theater first.

-A dude with an eye patch just gave me a goodie bag. Inside are many treats including plastic vampire teeth. I am happy.

-A chick just handed my girlfriend a pair of granny panties and told us, "You'll know when to throw them." I am confused.

-Buffy trivia contest. Seven lucky contestants play to get a chance to perform a scene in front of the throng. Everybody but me knows the answers. If you know who killed vampire Willow and how, get off your ass right now and go to this show.

-I think contestant #3 is cocky and I don't care for his prima donna attitude.

-There are several video montages, one to a song titled, "Coin Operated Boy". My girlfriend loves it, I think its sexist.

-The positive energy in the crowd is infectious. These people are ready to ROCK!

-Giles (our host for the evening) takes the mike, reviews the contents of our goodie bags, and refers us to a card that let us know when to do stuff. There's a kazoo, but we're not allowed to use it yet- Giles is mean.

-The show starts and the crowd takes on a quiet reverence. It doesn't last. People are soon shouting back at the screen, singing lovingly and cackling.

-This is very reminiscent of the Rocky Horror shows I used to go to in the early 90's- only without all the blow and drag queens.

-The show is over. Buffy gets over her sense of ennui, and makes out with Spike.

-Giles tells us there's a short break, then anybody who wants can hang around and they'll watch another episode together. It's almost 2:15 AM so I have to go home and think about the direction my life is going in.

-Despite knowing next to nothing about the Buffyverse I genuinely dug this experience.

-P.S.- They were right, I totally knew when to throw the panties.

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By Venditto on April 24, 2007 at 01:36 pm
No. We had to release the panties back into the Buffyverse.
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By Jen on June 16, 2007 at 08:03 pm
Soooo fitting that this is taking place at the Waverly! My RHPS "castmates" and I always felt that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie would have made great RHPS type fodder, though we were too busy sewing sequins on sport coats to actually put it together. Oh that I could see this...
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