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Drugs, what are they?

Drugs mind alterating ingredients that the average person never touches. Better than alcohol most of the drug users will say. With the hallucinations are wild. The affects to life are devasting.

It was just after 2am the drug dealer had been around I had no money. Now I had a gig, I was looking for the shot. It wasn't going through my mind about the booze, just to get a shot.

The drug bust had been through, the town was clean people said something that hadn't come in ages. The strip was open for the assault by Police. There were no informants anymore. The nightly visits to the police station to find where or if a drug bust was happening had gone. This was the first time, that the system had failed it was the undoing of the drug trade.

Kings Cross, Darlinghurst Road where the drug barons, prostitutes, pimps and us normal people hang for times in our life. Yet tonight at 2am in this clean Strip it was going to be the nightmare for the drug addicts. These drugs had poured out for years of the hands of the drug dealers/users. I have never met anyone clean doing the selling.

Sitting in the gutter with the pain in the stomach coming on from the hanging out for hours awaiting the funds to turn into the next shot. Tonight this drug user was lazy, it was the night the unemployment benefit paid in. It was the night off, trying to get the money together for the shot.

I could see the pain, the hanging, yet this was for a illegal drug that altered minds. The hanging out was the first sign that the wait for the drug shot was happening. For some of the people up here in Kings Cross it is just a skip down the alley to the next dealer however tonight was the night the mob went down. The drugs were gone, the source for years had gone. All locked up down at the Police station. It was thought of getting a shot to kill this pain that was welling up inside. This pain that would not end for weeks, the hammering in the mind persisting him at each turn that the dollars needed to be drugs would be relentless. This mind altering drug had given hope when there were no hope. It had destroyed the life once had, the change before had been a life where the shakes, the goosebumps, the vomiting and diahorea had been before. This hanging out had been an off and on exercise. Thinking always in the back of the mind. Was clean once can be again.

Who is in control? It seemed the drugs, the every thought was drugs whether clean or not. For many they clean up and never return to this living in swallow for the drugs. Yet this drug addict had learnt how to play the field and get your shots. Never once knowing that the hot shot was being planned until yesterday.

This mob had gained too much power, the drugs had been tampered with at each stage and for the drug user it was going to be a life and death situation. Whether they take the risk. The drugs today, I wasn't buying, tomorrow Ill be alright, just need a smoke of the heroin will do. A suck on the ice pipe will hold me over yet the drug of choice is the heroin shot. Cocaine will do Ill be doing the monkey dance. Party drug! Just got this feeling, Im hanging tonight. No funds, no drugs, no life.

20 years ago the shot of the heroin was the same price as today. Life costs haven't gone up it is the habit Ive increased. I need a hit love. Just wait awhile Ill show you how the heroin gives me the strength I look normal. People don't even notice I'm an addict. I don't think like an addict, I have hit in the morning and night, maybe a couple of times during the day when Im flush. The mob's made some money out of me. I don't snitch, yet if they leave us hanging with no back up. The drug dealers gone down. I can't believe the police actually caught the major players.

Yet the hanging, the looking for money was a relentless exercise in a life where torched from the affects of the drugs. Where's home? Here, eyes bright, looking up from the gutter sitting between cars after another night on the streets. Yes it was the drugs ruling the mind nothing else.

The track marks up the arm well worn, the quick or the dead when your mixing to have the gear. Got to be quick, the empty injection is nothing for the cops to pin me. Yes this is the life of a drug addict after a mind altering high once and hooked for life.

Drugs, so what are they? Just alter the mind to make living a touch normal if you see it from the drug users perspective.

Where did we go wrong in society? The pushing of people to this level of living. We are In the Cross Fire between the prostitutes, pimps and drug barons and an item that many people think should be legal. This shot was being paid by the unemployment benefit...Government funded.

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