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Foreign policy issues and International Relations too, some times much akin to wife and husband relations, in delicacies.

In foreign policy issues the Indian position has been very delicate since one decade, like traditional married woman being grilled by in-laws from oneside and parents on the otherside. For India, America is like a recently married husband and Russia is like a Father. For past five decades, Russia stood by India in security and other foreign policy aspects, and has deterred the regional super power China or neighbouring Pakistan towards making any large scale misadventurous steps towards India combinedly, for several decades. In a word Russia has been protecting the India like father protecting his daughter. Indian Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh also termed Russia as a time-tested friend of India since Indian Independence, during several delicate situations.

But, now India liked United States and became dearer to it with the end of cold-war between Russia and United States, in the Post-Gorbachev period. For newly married women, if husband is good towards her the father goes into oblivion. But, whether it has completely occurred in the case of India is not yet certain. However in spite of dearness, in certain aspects the United States still is not absolutely supporting India. For instance, U.S. is not vehemently supporting the India’s aspiration for permanent seat in Security Council by expanding the strength of Security Council, expect rendering lip-service to Indian contention for permanent membership in Security Council. This is something like a middle-class husband’s apprehensions that if a wife is given full powers and freedom she would go out of his control. Similarly in Palastenian issue India has been supporting her Palastenian brother’s cause for international recognition and membership in United Nations, which has become a distasteful issue for American husband. Whereas the Russian father is supporting the Palestenian bid for nationhood and extending its support for recognition in United Nations, the issue which requires Indian support invariably to Russian father and Palestenian brother.

Eventhough there is no cold war between the Russia and United States right now, both have no very good relations. In such state of affairs if Palestenian cause is supported by India in United Nations that would perturb the America and may cause strains in relations between both. India can not distance itself from Russian father who has grown up and extended support for Indian daughter since birth of her Independence, whose affection towards daughter is eternal, despite new relation with American husband. But for the sake of Russian father, India is not prepared to spoil her relationship with American husband. So, Indian position has become like riding on sword’s edge in foreign policy aspects. If for the sake of Russian father India takes divorce from America, China and Pakistan would subject India to ragging from time to time, like a divorced women ragged by eve-teasers. Therefore even if the relations between Russian father and American husband are not good forever, the burden is always on Daughter-Wife to balance between both Father and Husband and lead her life carefully.

Even if powerful husband gets angry, wife has to adjust and get the things done by pleasing and showering affection towards husband. Similarly she has to maintain good relations with parental home because it is a blood relation. But this soft attitude of wife should not be taken for granted by husband for what ever he thinks correct. Wife's sentiments, her interests, and her intentions have to be respected and protected by the husband and he must also compramise with wife on differences of opinion on any outstanding issues, then only the cordial relations between both exists for long time, because wife's necessity and importance should not be under estimated by husband. So, foreign policy issues and International Relations too, some times much akin to wife and relations, in delicacies. By dchaitanya.

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