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New Kid's Book Tackles Bullying Using God's Word

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Dr. Jackie C. Cogswell teaches kids how to tackle bullying in Super Luke Faces His Bully.

Super Luke Faces His Bully by Dr. Jackie C. Cogswell shares what the Bible says about dealing with bullies.

Bullying has become a hot topic. In Massachusetts, two instances of bullying (one in 2009 and the other in 2010) led to the victims taking their own lives. School districts have taken the issue of bullying seriously, implementing new rules and offering programs for parents to help families deal with bullying.

Dr. Jackie C. Cogswell, a family physician and former school teacher, was led to teach children of all ages how to prevent and stop bullying after her own son was a victim of bullying in elementary school. In her new book, Super Luke Faces His Bully, the second in her Giggleheart Adventures series, she teaches kids how to tackle bullying from a Christian perspective. She believes the good Lord "equips us for every battle and gives us strength."

Super Luke Faces His Bully is a fun-loving adventure spoken straight from the heart of eight-year-old Luke Giggleheart. The Word of God is used as a lens to examine some of the issues that can make a person act like a bully and helps readers understand what it's like to be a victim. During this adventure, Luke, the tender-hearted bully victim, learns about fear, being courageous and getting adults to help, while praying for his enemies.

The book is receiving rave reviews. Ruth Hill from My Devotional Thoughts says, "I cannot recommend this book highly enough." Wayne S. Walker at the Home School Book Review blog gave the book 5 stars, saying, "Bullying is certainly a very real problem that many kids have to face today, so it’s great to see a book written from a Biblical perspective that’s intended to assist those who are dealing with the toxic effects of bullying."

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