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Where is the money?

Juanita Nielsen was looking for the money in 1975, the police say they are looking for the money. Yet to date the authorities haven't worked it out.

It may have been 1975, when Juanita Nielsen was around yet Juanita and many that came after Juanita have been looking for the rainbow where the pot of gold is.

For some of us, we wouldn't care and for others it has been a life's search to uncover the illegal money where the drugs turn into money.

The money is the commodity, where you can have the cars, the houses, the renovations, the pubs, the tattoo shops, yet it is still the hidden money that the government is looking for. The roof space hiding a few thousands. Well where I come from, the walls are made of money. Many people think impossible yet it was the truth.

The drug money was stashed in the walls within a hidden brothel. Somewhere the government would not think about looking inside a wall. Juanita was looking for money, the money to build Victoria Street, this Kings Cross Currency where In the Cross Fire Juanita went, being pulled apart by the mob that had the money some think, and others it was to hide the evidence.

Juanita like a few of us ladies from Kings Cross are known as the girls that know too much, thus we have understood the instrument that is so easy for many to pick up the money.

The money does get banked, to buy the cars and houses. If you get a house for free than the person giving the house must be checked for a while as to the money.

There is always a trace, whether it is the local hairdresser, to the lotto shop, even the daily visits to the pokie rooms yes these large wins may not always be a win. It could be a chance win once a week that is utilised to clean money. There is always a trace. Not just money from heaven as they say.

We are looking for the money that is hidden through the many ways. Yet in 1975 the start of a group banding together to work for some Victoria Street Development was the beginning of a system being formulaised. This system, seems to be still in place today. Where is the money? Juanita was on the hunt for the money in 1975. The police have reopened the case, to find the real reason why Juanita went missing.

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