Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Self-Defense Works Both Ways

So Trayvon got in some punches, and that is proof of - what?

So some doctor comes out and says George Zimmerman got his nose busted and a couple of blackened yes after his confrontation with Trayvon Martin, and suddenly everyone starts to shout, SEE? We told you it was all Tayvon's fault. Er, nope. Sorry, that is not how forensics works, people. No one has ever said that Trayvon didn't try to defend himself against a guy who was clearly stalking him, with a gun. And I have said before that, if it was happening the same way, with myself being in Trayvon's shoes, you are damn right I would be hitting George Zimmerman with everything I had.

It apparently needs repeating that Zimmerman was the one who followed Martin AGAINST THE ORDERS of the 911 dispatch operator. He got out of his van, he got out of his van ARMED WITH A GUN, and he went in pursuit of Martin. That Martin became aware he was being stalked is not proof that he attacked Zimmerman, though Martin's girlfriend was on the phone when Martin demanded to know why Zimmerman was following him. What happened after that is a matter of a one-sided story, and thus, not admissible as PROOF of anything other than being Zimmerman's story. And as someone accused of a homicide, he has every reason to maintain his one-sided story.

The fact remains that Martin is dead of a close-range gunshot wound while he himself was unarmed. If he broke Zimmerman's nose and got in a few other licks while defending himself from a stalker with a gun, good on him, I say. At least he didn't go without a fight.

One more note on this so-called "new development" in the case. It is not difficult to find a self-serving "expert witness." The fact was that Zimmerman's injuries, as such, were not considered sufficient to take him to the ER the night of the incident. Further, that there are no photos yet to be released showing said injuries is itself quite telling. So let the system do its work.

And let real justice be done.

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