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Watch Out! Hollywood I am Coming

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), May 15, 2012

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From boots to wings...Common made their names in Hollywood.They attained celebrity because someone picked up their spark and packaged the brilliance with awesome strokes of cinematic direction.

When the wind is going to sing, dust will surely dance. Well, right now, as I comprehend, my spirit in its intense mood, swirling me up. I am awakening to my dreams.

Watch out; I am on a flight… from boots to wings. Common people are common and those who made their names were also very common. They attained celebrity because someone picked them up, with their spark and packaged the brilliance with awesome strokes of cinematic direction.

You all must be wondering that what I am into. Well, today, my ancient sense of lost tenderness has returned and makes me cry, as a toddler to invite attention and that’s fair enough. Anything is worth doing, which is going to catch attention. And today as any another dreamer, I am itching to spell out my dreams. Millions are dreaming and so as I am. I have no inhibitions to claim that certainly, I wish to be an exhibitionist and perfectionist of dreams.

I am at the age, when many may not tread to venture out in highly disappointing arena, where failure rate is alarmingly very high. I wish to leap into the most happening place and that is Hollywood. Not with sense of bravado but as an aspiring claimant to be a Hollywood Star and also with a sense, to be what I am and what I should be.

I am under the spell and that is, to be or not to be. I say to myself, YES TO BE…Now you can read my mind. Tell me one thing; if suppose, somebody or it may be Steven Spielberg, toys with an idea to give break to a berserk dreamer likes me. Please, don’t fume, at the absurdity of my nebulous expectations. Why the hell, an established director would ever be so brazen with his choice to give break to a person, whose credential is only that he dreams. Will it work? To give a break to a man, who is absolutely raw and pure dust. If you think, no one would ever dare to and more the less, an established celebrity who may try and flirt with an immodest business proposition, then my friend, you are wrong. He or she will do it…because they too are dreamers. Dream catches dream and so as dreamer catches dreamer. I have dreams…Dreams… much big dreams, over which many would raise eyebrows and many would pray for my dreams to come true.

I have big dream…yes, if you read that in disbelief then bear with another salvo of my nebulous dreams. And that is, in future, I walk up to the stage to receive Oscar Award; all eyes glued to the television around the globe…They watch the birth of new star. A common man who once aspired to be an actor and here he is walks as celebrity, as one of your friends who now turns a Hollywood star.

Look into my picture do you see that spark. Come on don’t laugh and if so hold your guts because I am going to ensure that you get few more twists. Somewhere out there in obscure corners, dreamers are rehearsing to gain stardom.

Oh! God you are still perplexed by my audacity to dream so big. I cannot stop myself. Come on cheer me up, just imagine from the rostrum I will own my glory to you all too. I promise you…

The dream of a common man is never so little and once it is translated into reality, you see them on silver screen. And I await those musical words-“Wow! That’s Uttam”

Am I making any sense to you or those who wish to write me off as another day dreamer; then mark my word I will not object? I know the sincerity of their reasons.

My friends lets dream to achieve and act. We all have to live this life with our success and failures but the moments of glory are the most exhilarating one. The obscurity of our existence is justified by not that we lived but how we lived. Dream my friend; dream so that you walk tall to pass on the legacy.



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6 comments on Watch Out! Hollywood I am Coming

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By Randy Mitchell on May 15, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Uttam, like you, I've always had the same dreams as you. I hope I see you on the silver screen smiling, waving, and soaking up the limelight!

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By Uttam Gill on May 15, 2012 at 12:26 pm

Oh! Thank you Randy...What a wonderful feeling to know that I have with me another dreamer in you...Keep it up...Randy, life has full of pleasant surprises...From one little thought, We create world

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By Barbara MacDonald on May 15, 2012 at 01:03 pm

I will join you both in dreams...I too am a dreamer of dreams and would hate to even think of "existing" in a world without dreams... I am smiling Uttam, as this blog is one I remember so clearly from years ago, when we had first met I believe...I related so much to it , as I felt exactly as you did about the beauty and importance of holding our dreams in our hearts and bringing them to fruition...very happy to read this again...Cheers...

The dream is the small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens to that primeval cosmic night that was soul long before there was conscious ego and will be soul far beyond what a conscious ego could ever reach.

CARL JUNG, The Meaning of Psychology for Modern Man

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By dchaitanya on May 15, 2012 at 08:16 pm

We all wish Uttam's dreams may turn into reality and on that day Hollywood will also invite few more from broowaha team!

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By Uttam Gill on May 18, 2012 at 12:47 am

@Randy-The connections of dreams are amazing...Thanks Randy for being always very generous with your comment.

@Barb-Who else knows me better than you...In seven years of our association we have explored the possibilities of dreams and there is no doubt sharing the dreams itself creates a world where we all unbridled resolves various intricacies of our emotional nourishment...And my flight to fantasies has its relevance....I dream...dream...dream and that’s how I remain so hopeful and optimistic. Barb you are very instrumental in making me retain the diehard attitude of perpetual optimism...Thank you very much barb for your encouraging comments and unstinted support...Thanks a lot.

@Chaitanya-Thanks for your kind words....dream is not a big issue...issue is our existence and how we wish live..whether I am there at the rostrum or not..dreams must remain..

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By Uttam Gill on May 22, 2012 at 09:15 pm

Thanks buffy the beast, for enlightening me with your kind words...whether they chew me up or spit me out but journey with dreams is worth undertaking…I dare to tread into the turbulent zone…come what may, dreams would remain an integral part of my existence…unbridled, undeterred and untrammeled I will carry on with my dreams…I am coming… Watch out! Hollywood...

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