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Madame X Love at first Sting

Is it the first time, where a Madame owns a brothel. From the first day, Madame X has a hidden agenda. Yes this Madame X was In the Cross Fire.

From the first sighting of Kings Cross the hidden agenda, the night that was the decider. Seeing all the prostitutes, lined up against the shop fronts in Kings Cross. This is the Red light district Kings Cross, the tourist capital of the world for many is Kings Cross. Drug addicts eyes, no one can hide them. The skinny, pale, grey in colour faces that sidle up beside the punters yet we need a health Kings Cross. With the hidden drug trade pouring the white stuff where is the Bohemian Kings Cross?

Where once Kings Cross was made up of cafe's, dress shops, sex shops, adult dvd shops, hotels, strip clubs interwhined with the available brothel. The Bohemian Kings Cross was somewhere Sydney siders came to be entertained, with a dance, music and a laugh. Many of the fundamentials which made Kings Cross a happening hip, hop place in the 1960's to 1980's were instigated with the careful eyes of Abe Saffron.

Abe was the notorious Boss of the Cross as he was known as. With many Clubs along Darlinghurst Road the entertainment was new and entertaining. We actually had some good artists performing from the Snake dance to the pole dance. Then there were the Le Girls which was something at the time where the guys would dress like the woman. This has gone from Kings Cross yet the Hotel is still there, once called the Carousel Club, then Le Girls, now it is the Empire Hotel.

Just have a beer looking out the window and you will see the sights that many are amazed and amused at each night. Many of the working girls will hang on the streets, known as Street workers it is a gamble for some with their own life let alone the wallets that seem to move within the chain or web that the working girls have access too.

The Empire Hotel is known for the sports playing on the television screens years ago it was the site of the last sighting of Juanita Nielsen a reporter for the NOW newspaper, an Heiress to the fortune yet today is a plague on the footpath acknowledgement of what was once.

Juanita Nielsen was on a story to bust the top off the drug industry that was starting in 1975. The drugs were flowing, the money was coming and Juanita was going to bust the story front page on her next newspaper. The tapes were the evidence of her unknown source who had access to find out the movements of the big wigs in this Bohemian setting of Kings Cross.

For some lives the disappearance of Juanita shocked there life to be shortened like her father and her Stepmother knew if Juanita was not at the funeral for her beloved father she wasn't alive. The heart hurt, yet every year many people go missing in Kings Cross never to return home. Some have travelled from overseas, yet the life is taken.

Some of the working girls, are here for a while then vanish, within a couple of days you hear they are in goal or in the grave. It is something that happens in Kings Cross when you see or hear too much.

The hidden agenda, the Madame X was coming to Kings Cross to give the working girls a home like feeling and for the working girls to have a place where they could work and have fun. The laugh that makes you feel good. In reality many of the working girls live in terror, of what life would be like away from Kings Cross where the drugs dont flow.

A brothel in Kings Cross without drugs was unheard of, yet it was happening and Madame X was very proud of this fact.

Yet the hidden agenda, was the twisted minds of the few that gathered together to curb the onslaught to Kings Cross of a drugfree premises.

DRUG FREE brothel, it does happen!!!!! Juanita was on this same trail to catch the drugs and curb what the drug money was being used for? Devellopment? Victoria Street?

In 1975 a company was formed for the group with the hidden money to be used to fund developmennt? This company was and is still around today. Something where Juanita found this was coming.... To blow the top? Government's should seize the assets of this company. A tape was evidence yet, today the company is still in existence. Someone should notice?

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