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Drug addiction? Drugs affect so many.

Government within Sydney City Council having legal injecting rooms for an illegal product? What does this mean to the cost of society. Like Jennifer Stone facebook to show support

Last night, I interviewed a drug tormented person, who had lived for years on the streets. Wasting a life where miracles happen. Talented person yet this person has this hidden agenda where a spoon and a drug bag is not far away.

Our government has helped with drug houses, with many hours even years of therapy through which the drugs were left behind. Within a slight offering, the needle would come out as the interview progressed, this drug of nuisance for some and for the government had been feeding many a person to keep the illegal crime happening to support a business where the drugs are glorified by the media.

You don't think so? Drug addiction is easily done by anyone. It is when the positive side of your life has gone. Brow beat our children and they too become the next drug addict in the future. Parents don't realise that the fighting in front of children is so damaging. In this interview of what this person had seen Grandparents fighting throwing pickforks, hammers, verbal abuse and the threats to kill each other seemed to be so strong even 40 years on. This is the affect that the signs of fighting within the home have on children.

Have you a child on drugs? Have you noticed a bad attitude? Are you overpowering this person within your ability to disapline yes this is a sure sign that a child will rebel. It is not the drugs that have taken the persons self asteem or confidence away before the use of drugs. It is the history, the growing up years, the setting the example of life in front of our children the next generation.

Life can be so dramatic where we can see the drug addiction is just one try, one acceptance, one sting as they say. For many of the people drugs seem to be a once only time, then for others they will loose the sense of the pain in their own life. Substance will actually give them back bone. The drugs give them strength until they take too much. Drugs can send people to see things differently in life, yet life at this sight is not the best for anyone whether it is the life, of the person or the loved ones watching.

Even the drug abuse, can cause the family breakdown.

Living on the streets in Kings Cross, the noted daily ritual of sitting between cars, with a needle in your arm was just a wake up call to seeing the life that many on the streets have day to day. Seeing coins on the footpath, picking them up begging for a note at the train station. Yet this wasn't the style, living in detox houses and hitting the crack on a weekend. Cleaning yourself up by the Monday morning for the next 5 days of therapy. Examing why you went there?

Listening to the story of many times through the drug detox program's the life of using had become second nature to this one, yet it was the waste of a life. What this person could do for society? Telling others about the years of drugs ruling your mind. Taking the rent free space to push yourself to accept this life. A night on the streets for this ignorant person was the only way to wake up to yourself. Yet this one night would bring about drug use again. It was a vicious cycle. It was the pain of taking drugs. This drug usage was the fight for life, to live clean seemed impossible yet it was possible. All the stings and helping hand was there. If the interview could've shown something in the life of a drug head it was life was still worth living this way.

Not knowing except for rare moments, that this head that was problem, inflicted with ADD was a problem and to many people with ADD drugs seem to slow the mind. The non sleeping for days is another sign, the tired mind slows its thoughts to a normal pace yet this slowing of the mind these people suffering from a drug abuse problem cant find the balance between the drugs and the existence of life. Are we helping these people with a shooting gallery on Darlinghurst Road?

Drugs are one of the reasons why Juanita Nielsen went missing, her life was lost to the information she knew regarding the drug trade in Kings Cross. This Drug trade was never mentioned within any of the inquests and police investigations. WHY?

We can only wonder, yet last night was cold, and the drug addict was on streets again trying to come to terms to living a normal life or a drug fueled existence like so many others.

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